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Locking clips to HMSF location for film

Josh Wolfer

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I'm in a bind.  I'm working on scoring a film and I've already created a few clips of music parts 1/2 way through the video.

In order to write the whole thing, I need to make changes to temp and time signatures (no problem), but I want everything I've already created, to lock to the exact same HMSF time they they are already placed at. Meaning that these elements are already synced to the film visuals. Not that it matters, but I've already synced some creepy horror risers and what not. 

I went down the rabbit hole if clip lock position, but it appears that the only thing it does is prevent the user from moving a clip. It doesn't lock it to any particular position. 

I've tried clip locks, I've tried ripple edit on / off. Doesn't matter. 

  • If I change the BPM, my clips stay on the same measure context, but not HMSF (loss of visual sync from the film)
  • If I change the time signature, my clips DO stay at the same HMSF, they just change what measure context they are. 

How should I be doing this? 

The only workaround I have come up with is to bounce all my existing clips and drag out the handle on the left so they "start" at the project start and then stay in their HMSF positions, but that is a horrible workaround because I'll have to lose all my soft edits, like xfades, slip edit, fades and clip gain automation, because I'll have to bounce all the clips on a track into a single track first. 

I'm at a total loss. I was hoping to really get some score work done tonight, but with this issue, I'm stuck. 

I asked on a FB group and someone mentioned they had to manually change the clip name to be the HMSF start so they could re-align the clips after a change. That's crazy talk.  I have no idea how many changes to tempo and signature I'm going to have to make for this project. If I'm gonna have to keep cat and mousing these clips starts that's going to make Cakewalk extremely cumbersome. 

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