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Feature request : NI Komplete Kontrol

Richard Sheppard

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Being that Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol hardware and software features an ability to allow for host DAW versions of only

Ableton Live (version 9.2.3 or higher)

Logic X (version 10.3.1 or higher)

Garageband (version 10.2.0 or higher)

Cubase Artist/Pro (version 8.5 or higher)

Nuendo (version 7.1 or higher)

Is it at all possible to get CWB as one of the recording DAWs as a new feature? That would be most excellent as I and many who use CWB do not at all want to switch DAWs just because it cannot be integrated into Komplete Kontrol at this time.

Thank you. 


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Can you describe in more detail what this means? I don't have any NI hardware, but I have installed their free Komplete Kontrol package and it seemed to work fine with Cakewalk and Mixcraft.

How is it integrated? What change needs to be made in the DAW to make it happen?

I notice that FL Studio, Tracktion Waveform, Samplitude, REAPER, Digital Performer, and Studio One are missing from the list of DAW's you posted, so it seems like a rather restricted feature. Especially if you consider that though there are five DAW's, only three manufacturers are represented on the list, Ableton, Apple, and Steinberg.

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I don't understand exactly what's being requested.

Is the requirement to host the DAW in the Komplete Kontrol application? I have a copy of Cubase 8.5 and I do not believe that is possible.

If the requirement is to host Komplete Kontrol in Cakewalk, that is possible today.  Better integration would always be welcome but I find it functional as it stands, maybe I am missing something. - Having keyboard zone colours show up in piano roll would be my top wish.

There is a specific setup workaround require if you want to use the transport buttons on the keyboard. I can't remember the exact details off the top of my head its been so long since I did it but you need to set it up as a VS100

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Hello !

Yes, full integration of Komplete Kontrol would be just perfect !
When, for example, I create several tracks, everything works. But when I switch from one track to the other, the integration doesn't work automatically (the keyboard doesn't react on the parameters, lights, etc. of different loaded instruments).

With other DAWs (such as Cubase), it works. I tried Cubase today, because I wanted a DAW that fully works with the NKS. But after 2 days of using Cubase, I can say one thing : my favourite DAW is CWB !
I use Cakewalk (and before Sonar) since many many years.

Even if it would be an option, I would pay for it ! But pleaaaaaase, great Bandlab team, do it ! 

Thank You

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