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Cakewalk 2020.05 color problem

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What you think about it?
When I have some color I can`t reed some words in Inspector. :(
Some buttons don`t have nice view. :(
How can we fix it? Help Cakewalk team to solve this problem. :)




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I looked through some of the Theme Editor parameter tests I did several months ago. I didn't see any ones where I tweaked the text color for the section names, but evidently I did one test where I tweaked the background.  (See below.) If something like this would help, I can look up the parameter I edited using the Theme Editor.**  Or, you could look here

As for the Mute, Solo, and Record buttons, IIRC they are images. Full Themes done by others might have colors you like and you can "borrow" images from them and put them into your own custom Theme.

**EDIT:  Found it.  

image.png.dc94803f54642dd250cf81a4ba0b6610.png     image.png.851373497d159184d5fa7a745e30cf99.png   image.png.bbcee233faf2dffd80c34bc2c0a29e9e.png

Edited by User 905133
to repost the image with the yellow background (it seemed to have disappeared)to add a second color and the parameter used in the Theme Editor
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