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23 minutes ago, InstrEd said:

Only with fresh batteries😆

The last time I had fresh batteries, they pinched my butt.

I'm buying more tomorrow.


My girlfriend is fed up of my constant wordplay jokes.

I asked her, "What should I do to stop my addiction?"

She said, "Hey, whatever means necessary."

"No, no it doesn't," I said.

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Dogs can't operate MRI scanners, catscan.

Our mountains aren't just funny, they're hill areas.

Turning Vegan would be a big missed steak.

Well, to be Frank, I'd have to change my name.

Life is short, if you can't laugh at yourself, call me and I will.

Ban pre-shredded cheese, make America grate again.

Electricians have to strip to make ends meet.

For chemists, alcohol is not a problem, it's a solution.

I scream, you scream, the police show up; it's awkward...

Despite the high cost of living, it remains popular.

I'm friends with 25 letters of the Alphabet; I don't know y...

Cow stumbles into pot field!  The steaks have never been higher!

Crushing pop cans is soda pressing!

In search of fresh vegetable puns.  Lettuce know!

He who laughs last, didn't get it.

Big shout out to my fingers.  I can always count on them.

Remember, if the World didn't suck, we'd all fall off.

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