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A long overdue section IMO.  Good to see.

1 hour ago, ØSkald said:

Still miss PC Hardware, PC Software and Techniques tho…

I guess that "Instruments & Effects" could be the new Software section if people choose to use it that way.

I suspect that Hardware and Techniques were dropped because of relatively low traffic, but Techniques was often interesting to read even if you had nothing to add to the discussion and was also generally far more civil and drama free than the main forum. Even though I rarely visited the hardware section I think it's important to have as not all problems are to do with software and where else is anyone supposed to ask those questions? 

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30 minutes ago, craigb said:


There's getting to be too many useful and productive topics in the Coffee House!  Hard to find all the buffoonery. 😆

What there should be useful information in the coffee house. I thought it was like seeing the old retired men at McDonald's sipping coffee and shooting the breeze. The BS was knee deep at least. I have to rethink coming here if I have to read useful and productive threads. What is the world coming to😲

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3 hours ago, craigb said:

That could have been the problem.  I know I rarely posted in the Techniques, Software and Hardware forums, but I definitely read them - especially when I ran into a problem.  They might have based their subforum creation on posts, not reads...

Craig I would have thought you're the type that can do it all without the manual.

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