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I'm stumped...SOLVED, thanks...

Gary McCoy

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Been using CW for almost 30 years and it is acting very strange.  I just updated a week or so ago (ver. 2020.04) and so I'm never certain if this odd behavior is a bug, or something new that I am unaware of.

My problem:  I DI an electric guitar in a new audio track.  I set the correct input and turn on the monitor.  Everything as it should be.  I hear the guitar, I see it on the meters.  But, when I hit "play," the audio disappears.  Gone.  No sound, no meters.  Stop playback, everything is back.  If I arm record and start record, I have the sound back.  It records.  It plays back.  But, I cannot practice and experiment.  In order to hear anything, I must be in record.  In 30 years I have never experienced this.  Oh, BTW, this behavior seems to be intermittent.  Sometimes it works just fine.

Any ideas?  thanks...

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