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Hello guys.

Attempted for the very first time yesterday to use my Bandlab account and Bandlab's web app to collaborate with a friend on a little project. I'll right down my reactions and questions in the hopes to here about how people is using this workflow to collaborate with people using other DAWS. I would like to know also if we have any info about Bandlab's development roadmap regarding this use case. (Heck, I am even wondering if it would be a good idea that a section of this forum should be dedicated to this topic...)


2 people using BANDLAB web project to collaborate

  • I'm using CWBBL
  • Collaborator is using ABLETON


For me, the essential data that should be ported between CWBBL and Bandlab's web app  could be something like:

  • Connect the comments tab (Web App) and the PROJECT INFO TAB in CWBBL(Not connected at the moment, it seems)
  • GENERAL TEMPO DATA (not a complete tempo map) That works fine... problem is, Ableton can have decimals in its tempo... like 80.15 BPMs... not possible in the Web App I think... so sync issues might be incoming down the road... will have to sync "manually" to the reference wav file)
  • Is the KEY data connected? Forgot to test that yesterday (Global project key)
  • Track comments would be great (Have not yet found them if they are implemented)
  • Markers / comments on the project's timeline are important IMO (I could not even find a way to add a marker in the web App...)

I understand that they are developing a live session feature... I, for one, would like to see that happening BUT only when the "basics" I'm talking about above are implemented.

Am I getting something wrong? Missing something about the global concept? Overlooking features altogether?


I'm a bit puzzled actually.

Would you like to share thoughts / experiences ?




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Thanks for your feedback. We plan on improving this workflow. 
We'll look into transferring the project info as well. Track comments and markers are not available in BandLab so this isn't something that is planned.

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Thank you very much Noel. Appreciated.

Just to clarify, I'm not even remotely requesting advanced DAW features in here... just a way to properly pass information between collaborators in the simplest ways, while having strong basis (Like project level KEY and TEMPO and timeline- synced comments).

the KISS principle definitely applies here. 

Thank you about considering the project info. This is great to know it is being considered.

You guys are working tons and are proposing great tools. As a long-time user (since the 90's) I can see how much work has been put into CWBBL (Which I still call Sonar... )


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Tempo is already being transferred. In the future we will do automation and MIDI as well obviously.
This is the data currently being transferred:

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You can look at the data being stored in the BLX  (BandLab project interchange) files. They are JSON files with the properties embedded.

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