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Waves Tune Real Time

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Wonder if anyone can shed any light on this,  I have a strange re-producible issue, but you'll need the Waves Tune Real-Time plugin.

  1. Create new project from the basic template 'Basic.CWT'
  2. Add Waves Tune Real-Time Mono in the FX Bin of the audio track

  3. Insert Rapture Soft Synth as a simple instrument track (not Rapture Session)
  4. Cakewalk crashes, UI of Rapture is white
  5. Only way out is to kill Cakewalk via task manager
  6. Rapture can be inserted without issue , if I:
    1. Don't add the waves auto tune audio fx
    2. Add the waves auto tune audio fx, but bypass it (i.e. click the off switch in fx bin, so it's greyed out), before adding Rapture

Tried it on 2 systems, with the same results. Haven't used the auto tune plugin before, so maybe I'm missing something that is causing the crash - maybe? Seems like it causes issues with other synths as well if it's enabled in the fx bin (e.g.  might cause some kind of audio feedback in the output of Air Xpand2 when selecting some presets), but Rapture seemed like the most clear cut issue.

System is core i7, windows 10, CbB and Waves all updated to latest.

Thanks in advance for any help,




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