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sidechain with a multiband compressor



Hey hey ^^

Has anyone of you any experience with sonar/cakewalk and sidechaining with a multiband compressor?

Here´s what I wanna do:
I have a Bus called Submix which I wanna apply multiband compression on but the Compressor is controlled by the singal of a vocal track inserted via sidechaining.
I already tried my luck with the Waves C6 sidechain plugin bit no matter where I put it (FX bin, ProChannel FX bin in Bus or Track), it doesn´t show up in my available "sends".

I can manage to build a sidechain setup with ProChannel Compressors, like the CA 2A, but I´m not able to establish the same setup with  the C6.

Any ideas? Thank you! 😄

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Just did a test and can't reproduce your problem.

C6-Sidechain (VST3 version) inserted in an FX Rack of a bus.
Audio Tracks show "C6-SideChain" as an available Send.

Although you wrote it already, but are you sure you used the SideChain version?

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I just gave it another try with a new project but still the same:

The c6 Sidechain is in my Submix FX bin (Bus) but if I wanna Insert a Send in my Vocals Bus it doen´t show up in my list (see attached picture).

Also tried with tracks instead of buses... all the same... tha´s odd. 😉

cakewalk sidechain.PNG

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