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Two issues: Empty Start Screen, and apparent low resolution


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I downloaded Cakewalk earlier today, and I've run into two problems I don't know how to fix:

  1. When I open Cakewalk, the Start Screen's "New Project" tab is void of templates -- I can't really start a project. Is it an improper install or something?
  2. Everything looks fuzzy, like it's running at a lower resolution for some reason.

Anyone know what's going on/have some suggestions/fixes? This is kind of frustrating.

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8 hours ago, lapasoa said:

New project void of templates? Create your own project templates and save them in project templates (Cakewalk Content).

Then you can see them on new project tab on Smart Screen.

How would I go about doing that?

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Open a new project and put everything as you like in Track view, in Console view and in Bus view using  Main Screenset.

For example you can start choosing and placing Control bar modules and in the Track view place  the Addictive Drums tracks with icons and track colors.

In Console view you can manage sends and FX effects  and fixing Prochannel modules for every track.

After that you can "save as" your work as template and save it in Project templates in Cakewalk Content.

If you want to see this template in Smart Screen you have to "save as" it in Cakewalk Content's Templates Files folder.

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Things missing from a new install indicate a bad install.

While one may be able to create replacement templates, this only addresses the immediate issue with is no assurance the rest of the install is problem free.

The best solution for an incomplete install is re-install.


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