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Scarlett 6i6 routing configuration

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Hi. I wonder if anyone can help with suggestions for better routing configuration of my Scarlett 6i6, external module and DAW.

For years I used an M Audio Delta 24/96 quite happily, but with a move to a new PC and Win 10 I bought a Scarlett 6i6. I have routed all connections as in the diagram below, using my (dated) Yamaha mixer. I feel however, that I'm not using the 6i6 to it's full potential, and would like if it's possible to discard the mixer, and only use the 6i6.

I need to be able to record 1 microphone into CbB, my external sound module SC-8850 as an audio source and a GM midi module into CbB, and be able to record audio from my PC into CbB or Wavelab Elements. If possible, also be able to route my cassette deck into the mix somehow, but I'm not sure the 6i6 has that many inputs. I don't have any SPDIF connections.

I would like to use both headphone outputs on the 6i6 if possible. I have no idea how to use the Focusrite Control software that comes with the 6i6 apart from having it work currently in it's most simple configuration.

If anyone could come up with a better, more practical connection configuration that doesn't include the Yamaha mixer, I would be most appreciative. I'm open to any ideas. Although I have used Cakewalk Sonar for many years, I'm all at sea with configuring this new interface - the  24/96 was older, but very simple to setup : )

Cheers Dave

System: Core i7 3.7GHz, 16Gb RAM Win 10
CbB latest version
Edirol PCR-500 controller

Scarlett Routing.jpg

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Except for the cassette deck I don't think you need the mixer.

  • SC-8850 audio out into inputs 3 & 4 on the back of the Scarlett
  • MIDI device into the MIDI connector on the back of the Scarlett (or if it's USB only plug it into the PC)
  • Microphone into either of the inputs (1 or 2) on the front of the Scarlett
  • Speakers into a pair of the line outputs on the back of the Scarlett
  • Scarlett to PC via the USB connection (use USB 2 on your PC -- not USB 3)
  • Unplug the mic and plug the cassette deck into front panel inputs 1 & 2, if you must. They will take 1/4-inch or XLR plugs. Turn the gain knobs all the way down before you do this, and you might have to activate the pads, which you do through the software.

There are tutorials on YouTube about the internal routing on the Scarlett. 1st generation (Mix Control) is here, 2nd generation (Focusrite Control) is here. I have a 1st gen 6i6 and I am struggling with Mix Control. It will do the job, I'm sure, but it's not intuitive. Good luck!

EDIT: I'm sorry, is the SC-8850 the only sound device you want to attach? I've never used one. I thought you needed to plug it in and a MIDI module. If the SC-8850 outputs audio, then what I said above, and you wouldn't have anything connected to the MIDI port on the Scarlett. Anyway, you have enough inputs (except for that cassette deck).

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Thanks Larry,  that's a great help. Between your explanation and the video you linked, I think I'm starting to understand the concepts behind the Focusrite Control. I was unintentionally misleading with the SC-8850 audio bit - it doesn't output audio, but what I was meaning to say was, after sequencing a track using the SC-8850 as the midi module, I wanted to record that into Sonar as an audio track. my bad : |

I think, after watching the video tutorial, that I will be able to record Windows audio or internet audio using the Focusrite Control, and that was something I was having trouble understanding. You're right, it certainly isn't intuitive software.

I'm going to give all that at try based on your configuration suggestion and see how I go. Thanks again!

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Larry covered pretty much everything already. I have a 1st gen Saffire, which also uses MixControl and a couple other thoughts came to mind.

First, a couple more references. Since I tend to misplace hard-copy manuals, the pdf for the 6i6 is here. The video I usually give to folks is from Graham at TheRecordingRevolution.com and is here (a little shorter, and mix focused).

In MixControl, a couple additional things:

  1. Inst vs. Line (pre-amp inputs 1&2), Hi Gain vs. Lo Gain (Line inputs 3&4) - Using Inputs 3&4 on the back of the Scarlett (used for Line inputs), be sure to set the input levels appropriately in the MixControl Router section. For the cassette deck, you will probably want these set to "Hi Gain" which is the default. I am not familiar with the SC-8850, and that may be "Lo Gain." If using the pre-amps (Inputs 1&2 on the front), be sure to set the Router inputs to "Line" if using either of these, and "Inst" for the mic.  As Larry mentioned, be sure all gains are set to zero on all equipment before making/breaking connections or powering on equipment.
  2. In MixControl, you can also stereo link the even/odd inputs (the interleave/infinity symbol below the faders in MixControl). When working with Inputs 3/4 from a unit, this will give a stereo output. They are hard-panned left and right by default respectively. On some older cassettes, the right track can be lower volume, so leaving them split and recording them as mono channels into CbB, leveling them, then bouncing to a stereo track may be better. You may also find it easier to record the cassette into CbB first (as a separate step to recording instruments/vocals), then using the faders inside CbB to control playback levels via the "DAW output" sent to the Scarlett.
  3. On my unit, actually opening MixControl makes routing into a DAW smoother (even if MixControl is not "actively" used). I typically power on my unit, open MixControl, verify it "locks" on the MixControl GUI, then open a DAW.

Again, I have not used the Scarlett, but the Input settings (#1 above) are in the Router section of my MixControl at the bottom.

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