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Woe For The City

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24 minutes ago, bjornpdx said:

Good concept but you should put in more effort, such as developing some kind of a story or theme.  I'm just hearing audio loops and seeing really basic video effects.

Hmm OK... Thanks :)

I mean, honestly I did put a lot into it... A lot 😅

The video was kind of just a fun thing to do. I'm new to all the video stuff. And there aren't any loops in the song I composed it myself 👍🏻 

But I'll keep that in mind for future projects, thanks! 

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That came out way more negative than I'd intended. Sorry.
Adding your music to videos from the 50s/60s is a great idea and your project has promise. I liked the scratchy record player at the beginning and the '55 (?) Chevy scene so I was waiting for something to develop from that.  Just wanted to suggest that you tie the scenes together such that the viewer sees some connection among the different clips.

Thanks for posting.

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I'm going to echo Bjorn's comments as they are "spot on".
I get just how much effort goes into making a video, I just spent a ton of time making one, and

16 hours ago, bjornpdx said:

I'm just seeing seeing really basic video effects

that's exactly what I ended up with!

16 hours ago, MonoYah Music said:

I mean, honestly I did put a lot into it...

Yes you did, trust me; I get it!

Lather, rinse, repeat; that's what it takes to "get there".

So a big "E" for effort from me! Keep 'em coming....


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It has a some what repetitive vibe to the groove, could do with a breakdown or a totally different groove in a middle 8, mix wise it sounds balanced and the individual instruments are obvious.  Keep it up you will get there in the end, anything worth doing takes time to learn.  Thanks for sharing.

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