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Angelo DiBraccio

I need the exact name of an interface section for Theme editing

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I would like to make  the area I outlined in red,  as close to black as possibly so that the vertical bar and beat lines stand out more. 

Right now the color of this area is a dark gray, Black would be ideal.  I can't find the name for this area.  

First I tried to change it in Preferences > Colors, but I don't think this  part of the interface  can be colored in Preferences > Colors.

So I am attempting to find this part of the interface in the Theme Browser > Edit. 

I know it's part of the Clips pane in Track View.

Does anyone know the exact name of this part of the interface as it is listed in the Theme Browser > Edit pages and also helpful would be the full  path in Theme Browser > Edit where it is located.

I am hoping that if I locate it in the Theme Editor, I can make it completely black.

Thank You



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I can't remember offhand exactly, but there are two, one for odd numbered tracks and one for even, so search for "even" and "odd" and find the matching pair!

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Posted (edited)

I am pretty sure it is these:



If you're using a custom theme, then changing the colors under Preferences > Colors will override the theme.

The theme settings are here:



Edited by Colin Nicholls

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