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Disconnected Souls - Metal, Classical and Electronic fusion!

Matthew Simon Fletcher

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Hi guys! 

I wanted to take the time to introduce you to my musical project Disconnected Souls which i'm really proud of.

Our goal is to blend metal, electronic and classical influences to achieve something eclectic whilst still remaining catchy and of interest to people.
Cakewalk has been a fantastic tool to help bring these ideas to life.

Our Debut EP is available at the following locations and has been getting some great reviews - we hope you enjoy and please let me know if you have feedback.




Reverb Nation



All the best!


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First off welcome to the "Songs" forum. Followed your youtube link and listened to the "bonus" track.
Good stuff, a bit "light" on the "Metal" (I'm an old rocker, need I say more).
Surprised me with the ending, well done!


lots to review today, I'll get back to the rest of your project in the days to come...

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Thank you for listening! I am very glad that you enjoyed it.

Yes the bonus track is very different from the rest of the EP - so hopefully you'll get your metal fix of 8 string guitars and double kick from the others - particularly Divergence and Warring Elements :)

Any other feedback on the tracks and production is gratefully appreciated.

At the moment i'm learning to mix and master myself and we're going a lot heavier on the VST's as opposed to performed keys parts. We've got track plans for an album but it might take awhile given current pandemic.

Best wishes,


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