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Bounce step sequenced instrument track to audio tracks

Derp Thunder



First couple of days using cakewalk so this might be a stupid question, but I cannot figure out a process for splitting out each step lane in a given instrument track into multiple audio tracks. 

For context, I am using the MT Power Drum Kit VST, and have punched in a pattern using the Cakewalk step sequencer. 

What I want to do is split/bounce each of the lanes in the step sequenced pattern out into individual audio tracks. 

I can see there is something similar which I believe is called Freeze, but doing this bounces the who sequence as one, and not as split tracks? 

This was easy in cubase so assume you can do it easily here, but reading around online I haven't seen a solution that works?

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I don't have the plug-in but it appears to support multiple outputs. At least, that is what it looks like from this image


Try changing the drop downs in the plug-in UI to send the tracks to different outputs and add audio tracks for them in the project.

Once the track assignments are made, freezing will create audio clips although it is not necessary.

FWIW, it is possible to create all the audio/instruments tracks for synths with multiple outputs when adding the synth but the tracks may be added at any time.


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Hi Derp and welcome to the Cakewalk forums.

You can separate each drum to individual audio tracks but it will require a pass for every drum.

  1. Select the desired SS track in the Track Pane and with your Step Sequence View open, mute all populated tracks except for one;
  2. Go to Bounce to Tracks under Tracks in the Track View menu;
  3. In the Bounce to Tracks options, pick Tracks under the Source Category drop down;
  4. Now repeat for each other SS drum until complete.

Unfortunately, there is no one process to do this automatically.

Kind regards,



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