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Eventide Plugin Updates (Not a Deal)


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Having joined the feeding frenzy over the last few days, I started to wonder whether I already had some of the plugins I was about to buy.

In the process I realised I hadn't updated some of them for ages. For example my Eventide VST's don't have automatic updates so I was pleasantly surprised that I had missed a few versions and some of the bugs I had, which made me gave up using them had been fixed including the update from VST2 to VST3 versions.

So I now have a new reverb, a new channel strip, a new harmoniser to play with which cost me nowt!

Same applied to Sonokinetic Kontakt libraries amongst others.

Didn't stop the GAS, just augmented it :)

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Add the manufacturers the OP is about.

Add links to the update pages if possible.


I was pleasantly surprised that Eventide put their VST3 plug-ins in a manufacturer folder unlike others (looking at you FabFilter). They also separated the 32 and 64bit installers.


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