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Solved! Split midi events

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Posted (edited)

Hello guys,

I use VoiceLive3 (VL3 TC Helicon device) that send midi messages to cakewalk.

I want to change the column on matrix view that represents parts of my song.

In VL3 I can generate midi messages for each part of my song. (I create 4 steps for exemple)

Now I inspect the events coming from my VL3 with MIDI-OX  and have the following :

 00001026   5  --     B0    73    02    1  ---  Control Change        
 000015F9   5  --     B0    73    03    1  ---  Control Change        
 000019E9   5  --     B0    73    00    1  ---  Control Change        
 00001C02   5  --     B0    73    01    1  ---  Control Change        
 00001E50   5  --     B0    73    02    1  ---  Control Change        

I receive always 73 DATA 1 event with different DATA2 events (0,1,2,3, my steps here)

Now this is recognized in cakewalk as the same event.... Why?

Someone knows how to make recognize DATA2 values  Or split this in other events?

Or maybe a software to intercept this midi message and create different DATA1 values for (DATA1,DATA2) couple?


Thanks in advance

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Posted (edited)

Yesterday I saw this in the other thread (about using the matrix) but wasn't sure what you were trying to do. B0 73 02 (in hex) is a CC event for  parameter 73 (hex).  The third byte (what Midi-Ox lists as DATA2) is the data for that midi command.

Are you trying to map specific data values (nn) for B0 73 nn  to different columns in the matrix?

If so, that would be amazing if it could be done.


I just did a very quick test of using CCs (knobs on a usb keyboard) assigned to 3 different columns [CC10 = column 1, CC11= column 2, & CC12= column 3]. They do switch columns, though I did not yet test to see if the third byte [the data byte] makes a difference. 

I will also test to see if different data values from a single CC can trigger different columns.  I couldn't make this happen.


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Yes I'm trying to use value (nn) of B0 73 nn to trigger different columns in the matrix view!

At the moment I try to understand the Instrument definition interface but I'm not sure that it's the good way...

It seems that this values are ignored by the Matrix view....


Thanks for your reply!


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Hello guys,

I succed to make redirection from my VoiceLive3.

I share here the solution maybe someone need the same feature.


  • Voicelive3 from TC Helicon
  • You need to install Midi-OX software to intercept midi events and split them in other CC events.
  • You need Loopmidi software to send these events to Cakewalk.
  • Cakewalk software

First you need to create steps in your VoiceLive3 corresponding to the number of columns of your matrix view in Cakewalk:




Create LoopMidi port:


In Midi OX software port routings:


Data Mapping:


Step event correspond to 115 (Hex74), I create new events using the value with the option "Use input value (Pull)" , Here below the results:


In your Cakewalk select loopmidi as input:



Thanks for your help to understand this problem, maybe in the feature Cakewalk can include this kind of features !!!



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