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issues with the graphic interface of CWB

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hello guys, 

have some strange issues with the graphic interface of CWB .. sometimes (not all), I have some freezes when opening projects.   I never had this problem before, since I updated CWB with the last october release (no windows 10 update has been set on my PC).   here's the issues I have (sometimes it works and sometimes it freezes completely  when opening projects) 

1) the control bar isn't automaticaly actived, so I have to click anywhere on  windows to activate it.
2) I have some artefacts on windows (see below) blank window corners ?? (it looks like open windows, but badly refreshed)
3) when I click on play button. I can hear that audio engine is working properly, but the screen stay freezed ! (of course the PC is running ok , I have a surface book 2 with 16go of RAM), and never had problems with it. 

4) more strange : when I open another project over the first, everything is working well, and when i close it, and then click on play button, sometimes it work's well and sometime it stay freezed. 


reopening CW and rebooting the PC doesn't change anything.

Any idea ? because when it's happen,  it's completely unusable.




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Posted (edited)

What Theme are you using? Try reverting to default Mercury or Tungsten and retry. Otherwise it looks like a possible video card/memory issue where you computer isn't drawing the UI completely.

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