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I came across two CDs in perfect condition while cleaning out my garage. 1) The Sonar Home Studio installation disc. 2) An XL Pack that includes all the stuff listed in my tags to this post. This XL Pack was included with the Sonar Home Studio installation disc. 

The first CD installation disc is unneeded, correct, because I am using the free downloaded Cakewalk by Bandlab?

I'd like to know then how to utilize the Sonar XL Pack.......... with Cakewalk by Bandlab.  (The XL Pack add-ons are not included in the free Bandlab Cakewalk, correct?) 

I bought a DVD writer to upload the XL Pack CD to my computer, but have not hooked up the DVD writer yet.  

Thanks, Bob 


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I am guessing this is SONAR Home Studio 7 XL the last version of this product.

It is a 32bit DAW so any plug-ins bundled with the product are 32bit too.

64bit versions of Boost11 and Studio Instruments are bundled with CbB.

CbB also has an integrated step sequencer.

It includes a 64bit version of TH3 Cakewalk amp sim.

The only unique bits of the XL pack are the 32bit DP LE and the bundled content. While the content may be useful, you may be better off using a 64bit sfz player like sforzando instead of 32bit DP LE.


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