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Larry Shelby

Rigid Audio Aquiver

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AQUIVER delivers 300 powerful, deep and soaring granular sounds.

It is powered by a custom granular engine that can play hundreds of small grains of audio with no huge CPU impact. AQUIVER is ideal for movie scoring, underscore and futuristic sound design.

It features realtime recording of knob movements, a FX engine with bread-and-butter effects and a unique lock switch. Using that, you can skip through instruments while locking the current settings in place. Perfect for trying out different sounds without loosing current knob and/or effect settings.

All the parameters of the effects section can be modulated in realtime with one knob as well.


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A couple of important notes...
Aquiver is current selling at Rigid Audio for $4.99

If you're on their mailing list or maybe it requires that you've previously purchased from Rigid Audio in the past - then check your emails.
The email includes link that gives you a 20% discount!  So price would be $3.99

Also if you're not on their mailing list...
If you sign up you'll receive two FREE KONTAKT instruments!

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