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Remove Or Replace Theme Editor Import Size Limitation With A Warning Window

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I would like to see the Import file size constraint either removed or replaced with a warning window that let's you decide if it's OK.

When a user already has a set of files ready to go, the Import function is the quickest way to create a theme in TE.

Simply right-click a file in TE, select Import, and pick the new file... as long as it's the same height & width.

If it's not, TE won't let you import it.

While you need to be aware of size constraints, in most cases you can change a graphic file's size by a few pixels either way without incident.

You can get around this by opening a graphic from within TE, change it's size, save it, click OK in TE and it will accept the new size. Only then can you import another one of a different size.

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