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John T

Who makes really great laptops for audio these days?

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Asking for a colleague, and as we don't have anything like old "computers and hardware" sub-forum any more, thought I'd try here.


I'm really out of the loop on this, as I build my own desktop computers and have done for years. Who are the current US-based suppliers / builders of laptops that are set up well for audio?

Got an audiobook narrator who I work with who's had a hell of a time with DPC latency glitches on an off the shelf system. She works enough that she can justify paying a decent premium to make the problem go away. Any recommendation?

Thanks all.

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Gamer laptops make good music laptops "if" they have fast drives. Extra helpful is an inboard M.2 dive or multiple SSD drives. Minimum 7200 rpm. At least a fast usb, like 3.0 all depending on your I/O needs. i7 cpu no or minimal throttling. Probably will prefer it to be plugged into power when in use because many laptops reduce functions on battery power. Another benny to a gamer laptop is they almost always have good video cards in them.

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1265620944_idealset-up.thumb.JPG.7401f556793696f241467650f067f197.JPGif you no about those sort of things ,heres my attempt 5 or 6 years ago to help me understand what I thought 

I was looking for in hardware. I had saved a £500 pound budget to get a daw  and computer 2nd hand .I am a 

travelor with 100 watt solar needing low power equipment and thats good for street to . My 1st ever cliq on line

never turned up  an i4 1.49gb 2gb ram 10 inch tablet voyo  £350 ,now less than  £200 @12 in. I discovered the low,,low low 

power consumption in tablets ,they are big phones and have totally different processors to laptop or pc. per chance sunk my budget

into a i7 surface   as I thought ,why would any one pay 1--2 grand , and have no use for it ,,As far I think ,its only the low power

consumption thats worth anything . now looking for the daw  my fav. choices are still zoom r16 or 24 and now the L24,and the 

korg d12  this new search  has lead to a new understanding that requires a modification to the attachment drawing. 5 years ago 

looking to buy korg d12 ,as far as my spec studies could go thought it would allow me to plug in my  M1 [found on street and 2 years to

convert to 12 volt] for synth sound and so on [d 12 is not as low power as needed for winter] anyway now,,,get this 

downloading the Manuel and much study plus vidios on d12 and zoom I concluded you cannot record MIDI on DAWS

the midi is only for sync  track automation ah ah ah  so maybe you no why DAWS don't have midi sequencing ability then my ideal DAW 

is WOW   so the idea for music industry to make DEDICATED pc laptop equipment  and by by windows ,,see you when I need to call.ha.

oh the keyboard is half   1/3 finished project  midi controller  keys plugs into 61 note double strung  baby baby baby grand composit

piano  for the new  midi generations  factory gate ± £100 so say £ 250  /  300 for mass market  I used to have a yamaha cp 70

stage piano just liftable  New ee  about 35 to 40 kg   ,,must go  Jon


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