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Timing Issue with Cakewalk and Arturia B3 v2


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I have a cakewalk (2020.1) project that uses analog tracks, Pianoteq and Arturia's B3 V2 organ. I noticed that after I added the organ, when I then record analog audio, the newly-recorded analog audio comes into  the project 50ms early. I thought I was just playing really sloppy on my acoustic guitar but finally brought in a click loop, ran it out of the sound interface solo'ed back into my sound interface and sure enough the analog audio comes in 50 ms early. Removing the Arturia soft synth solves the problem immediately. I figured it was a midi buffer thing of something similar, but the project works fine with Pianoteq, and removing Pianoteq and leaving the Arturia synth does not fix the issue. Just to be clear, I tried:

Arturia B3 V2 | Pianoteq | Issue
Yes                         | Yes              | Yes
Yes                         | No               | Yes
No                          | Yes              | No
No                          | No               | No

Is anyone else having timing issues like this, and is there a solution or suggestion? 
Thank you!

Edit: Note that simply Archiving the Arturia B3 V2 soft synth tracks solves the timing issue, and that the issue returns immediately after un-archiving the track. 

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Just a thought - I just checked on my system, and the B3 V2 comes in both a VST3 and a VST2 version, from Arturia.

By default, Cakewalk will present the VST3 version.  Some other plugins, in the past, have been a bit flaky in their VST3 versions, while the VST2 versions worked perfectly.

SO - I suggest you try going into Preferences, and removing the check from the paramater in VST Settings where Cakewalk 'hides' VST2 versions of plugins when there are also VST3 versions available.  This should then allow you to load up the VST2 version of the B3 V2 plugin, to see if that makes any difference.

Please consider doing the above, as a test, and post back your results.  :)


Bob Bone


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