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How to Diagnose a Missing Feature: Step 1: Check Workspaces

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NOTE: Since Cakewalk by Bandlab (CbB) has a history of on-going changes (improvements, bug fixes, etc.)  some of the details related to this thread might change.  For example: If at one point the CbB supplied Basic Workspace excluded the Event List and then an update fixes that omission, references in this thread to Event List as missing only apply to prior versions of CbB.


Different Workspaces can have different features enabled or disabled.  For example, if Video or Event List or Markers is missing from the menu system, we do not have access to those features until we either (1) choose a different Workspace (including "None") or (2) tweak the current Workspace (either by creating a new one or resaving the tweaked one).  


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(5) edited a note using "Event List" functionality as an example; (4) added "(including 'None')" as an option; (3) to reduce the footprint of this post; (2) to update links; (1) to simplify this writeup
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