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John Lentz

Till the Mornin Comes - feat. Fender/Warmoth Blackbari - in Bb

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Hey welcome you rawk star. The highlight is that crisp guitar riffage which is an awesome performance for sure. Vocals I could hear Rik singing just peachy.

Mixwise you might look at the drums, especially the hi hats, they have a bit of flange going on which I think you could do without. It could be the conversion to mp3 if that's what happened? Did you start with a .wav and upload to Soundcloud a 128kbps mp3? Or did you upload a full blown .wav to Soundcloud?

It kind of sounds like you started with a 128 mp3 and then uploaded that to Soundcloud, which might have degraded the high end a bit.


Wish I could sing like that.

Welcome to the medium show! Looking forward to the opus, Magnum.




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I agree with the other guys about the guitar riff - sounds cool. I thought the overall quality of the mix doesn't sound very good - I'm listening through headphones and the volume is quite low.  As emeraldsoul suggested - maybe it has to do with the mp3 conversion.

It's a cool song - I just wish I could hear it better.

Ric Ocasek - RIP

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