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Overloud TH-U RigPlayer - customize rigs

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Hi guys,

I have found a pretty nice option how to set 1-band parametric EQ directly inside of particular rig.

All you have to do is  edit *.rig file in c:\Users\msc\AppData\Roaming\Overloud\TH-U\Rig Models\ and make EQ changes which you want.  Then overwrite original rig file or make another with modified parameters (like I did).
I have made a simple example for Peavey 6505 Solo rig (generic TH-U, no extra rig pack is needed).  The modified file is also attached, feel free to try it.

There are several other option for customizing but the mentioned 1-band para EQ is the most important IMHO.


Peavey 6505 Solo MOD - 6505 4x12 Slanted.rig

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