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[SOLVED] What's Up With Recording PRV Controllers???


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I want to record controller data for notes already on a track. But recording them from an Impact LX88+ doesn't work. (Similar to this thread)

Output sound is an outboard synth.


1. Set MIDI track input to LX88+ channel Omni or ch 1

2. Arm track to record CC1 modulation controllers

3. Hit record & record controllers in real time using the LX88+ mod wheel

     >>>Sound is muted??? Can't hear the notes being played<<<

3. Modulation controllers are recorded but affected notes are now white and silent

4. Play track but no sound is heard from the white notes where new modulation controllers were recorded

     >>>No tracks or take lanes are muted<<<

6. Undo all the above work and start over

7. Manually add CC1 modulation controllers on channel 3. (track midi channel)

8. All is good

Edit: Record was set to Comping. Should have been SoS!

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Are you doing monitor through Cakewalk and can do mod wheel stuff and sound changes?

A bit puzzled over that you do channel 3 and it works but record on channel 1 or omni.

What recording mode are you using?

Rightclick record button transport.

Haven't used the overwrite and soundonsound modes myself, but remember some replace alternatives can mess things up in daws as I discovered.

I usually do mod wheel and such on a separate midi track to same destination when doing CC1 separately.

Easy to wipe out and just start again.


Also discovered that doing comping record and takes to separate track - create a track with a muted lane, but track is unmuted - so that is one thing to look at.

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