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Can't mute a Melodyne take while recording

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This has been a  problem for a long time.

Once you put Melodyne on a take it can't be muted while recording another take in the same track.

You can't mute it by clicking the mute on the take while recording another take in that track, and you can't mute it by right clicking on the Melodyne take and selecting clip mute while recording another take in that same track.

The only way to mute a section is to delete it or open another audio track and record the new takes there while muting the whole other track.

I am unsure of the logistical problems here but there should be a way to mute the Melodyne take or sections thereof.

It will mute but will always sound when the track is armed and recording is in progress.

It would be nice to be able to record other takes in the same track as the Melodyne take while the Melodyne take is silent. When the Melodyne take sounds it throws off my ear while trying to record another take.

If a solution could be found for this other than recording in a new track this would be nice. Thanks! :)

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