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PRV Controller Pane Bug!


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CC controllers that carry the full length of a project will graphically disappear when scrolling toward the middle of the screen. Even when zoomed all the way out.

When zoomed in to edit controllers or notes, these controllers disappear completely when scrolling past the middle of a 4 minute clip.

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Not sure this merits an exclamation point given that it's only a display bug, and that it's not typical to have a sustain controller at time zero (?).

More problematic in my view (but still not really a big deal in practice) is that a sustain controller at the end of clip (the much more common case) is generally not visible in the clips pane.

EDIT: Oops. Was thinking you meant the clips pane because it's a longstanding issue there with controllers at the end of a clip.

EDIT 2: Now that I understand what you're talking about (the controller 'shaddow' disappearing), I think this was brought up a long time ago in another thread. Again, a pretty uncommon situation for sustain controllers, but more common with some others (e.g. setting initial, fixed values for Volume, Modulation or Expression).

EDIT 3: Found it on the old forum. OP was wrong about there being any functional problem; it's only a display issue: http://forum.cakewalk.com/Midi-Controller-data-quotforgottenquot-after-about-1-12-minutes-m3255463.aspx


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Yes, this happens here as well (latest 2020.1 Build 24).  Not sure if it's intentional.  It only affects the display of the controller data - the values themselves still function at the point where they have visually disappeared.

Maybe contact Bandlab support with screenshots (I'm considering doing the same)

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