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Josh Wolfer

Video View is broken in the CbB

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Just imported a video into Cakewalk and the Video view is no where to be found. View -> Video doesn't exist and if you right click the video track and click on Video view, nothing happens. 

As a sanity check, i just redownloaded Sonar Platinum, works perfectly fine. 

The Thumbnails are rendering without issue in CbB. CbB is the latest version. Just installed it literally 20 minutes ago. 

I have a sound editing project that I need to get started on. I'd like to not have to work back in SPLAT. What gives? 




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Okay. this is bizarre. 

As a hail mary, I saw another thread about an unrelated video problem, and I changed my Video setting in the config file to directshow only and reloaded the config. 

I re-launched cakewalk and it didn't fix the issue. So I change it back and relaunched Cakewalk. 

And now the Video view is working AND it shows up in my "View" menu. Compare this screenshot to the first set where Views -> Video (alt+shift  2) isn't even visible...


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