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One of those songs with a beautiful melody that puts you in a good mood. Very nice!
The vocal track volume was a tad too high imo but didn't take anything away.
I did notice a little static (?) at the beginning and maybe it continued throughout but again it didn't take anything away from enjoying the song.

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Beautiful composition and laid back.
Was that rain at the beginning? What are you singing about... something with nature?
Bjørn thinks its static.. I think it rain so there is something that needs to be cleaned up or enhanced so there is not confusion.

I liked the vocal...  which could maybe come down a notch.
I always say we paint different pictures in our mixing and our personal tastes.
I would like to hear the bass a little more refined.. acoustic bass ...correct?
Cant explain what I mean...  but it sounds hollow  (yes I know it is)  🙂

Thank you for sharing and I liked it a lot.
Well done.

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I must agree, in trying to get an "intimate" feel with the vocal, you've got it just a bit to loud.
Overall beautifully done!
And the "static" needs to go, unless of course it is "rain", then it needs to be a bit better defined.


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On 06.02.2020 at 01:43, garybrun said:

Красивая композиция и спокойный.
Был ли это дождь в начале? О чем ты поешь ... что-то с природой?
Бьёрн думает, что это статично. Я думаю, что идет дождь, поэтому есть что-то, что нужно очистить или улучшить, чтобы не было путаницы.

Мне понравился вокал ... который может быть на ступеньку ниже.
Я всегда говорю, что мы пишем разные картинки в нашем микшировании и в наших личных вкусах.
Я бы хотел услышать немного более утонченный бас ... акустический бас ... правильно?
Не могу объяснить, что я имею в виду ... но это звучит пусто (да, я знаю, что это так)  🙂

Спасибо, что поделился, и мне это очень понравилось.
Отлично сработано.

Thanks! This is an imitation of rain! To create such a sound, we used an ordinary plastic bag))) Maybe someday we will change the vision of this song, but at the moment Paradush is creating new songs! Thank you for showing interest and taking the time to listen!

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19 minutes ago, David Sprouse said:

Красивая песня! Есть ли способ получить перевод лирики?

Small Town

In a small town where nothing ever changes

For many winters and summers

There are flowers in the windows of all the houses,

At night in the bakery oven is burning

And the bread is baked,

The bridges will soon be connected,

A janitor sweeps the pavement with a broom,

It's such a lonely sound,

And there's nobody around.

Storms and troubles have passed by

My small town.


In a small town on the river

There's silence and quietness,

Water flows slowly.

I would go back there in the winter,

Like to my own home

Just before the New Year

To listen to the snow fall outside the window,

As a dream of those distant days,

And to see the eyes of my friends...

It's a pity that I will never, ever

get there.


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