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Just when you thought it was safe to visit the coffee house, another silly music 'toon


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1 hour ago, Starise said:

For Notes-

Other descriptions for the Sax.......



Every woman I've ever been intimate with was introduced to me via my saxophone. I wouldn't know how to meet a woman any other way.

My first gig was when I was in junior high school. I was in the school band but after school I got together with some friends and started a rock band. We were terrible, but everybody was back then.

We got a gig playing at a junior high dance.

There I was on stage, with my best friends, having the time of my life playing the music we tried so hard to cover, and when I looked up, much to my surprise I noticed that cute girl who wouldn't acknowledge my existence in English class was "making eyes" at me! And at the end of the night they actually paid me for that!!!!!!!!!

That's when I said, "This is what I want to do for the rest of my life."

After being rejected (4F) by the Air Force I went on the road with a rock band. 2 weeks to a month in a different college town playing singles bars (this was before DJs got the youth market). It was the dawn of the free s-e-x age and before the AIDS age so anything you caught could be cured. So let's say I had a lot of fun.

I've been playing music all my adult life and I eventually married another musician. She's the best and we have fun on and off stage.

All thanks to my saxophone.

Just livin' the dream I guess.

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