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key change only works for a few bars then reverts

John Balich

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I select "project" and then "insert key change". THE KEY IS CHANGED BUT after a couple of bars the old key signature returns...I have to scroll through the entire song countermanding any of the original  key changes 

Yes I can check the event line.........….very laborious to change every time it changes...maybe two bars at a time.


and no, transpose not what I am looking for, but thanks



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5 hours ago, John Balich said:

got it fixed, thank you...…………………….. alt 6 shift made it easy

Kewl - I had just wanted to make sure I understood what was happening - never saw key changes revert like you had described, and when I tested that out in a new project, where I recorded about 30 seconds of soft-synth piano, then inserted a couple of key changes, then looked at the Meter/Key-Change events, everything looked OK, so I thought I would ask - in case I had misunderstood. :)

Glad you are sorted out, 

Bob Bone

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