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Found 2 results

  1. I added font size selection to a few of my CbB/SONAR utilities. There are updated versions of Launchpad - an alternative to the start screen Plug-in Upsample Editor - a tool to manage upsample data in Aud.ini Tools Editor - a program to manage the tools section of the Utility menu available here along with a few other CbB/SONAR related things. The utilities are about half way down the page. As always, if there are questions or issues with anything on the page just let me know. Enjoy Edit: Launchpad v1.6 released 14 Aug 2019 Edit: Launchpad v1.7 released 24 Sep 2019 Edit: Launchpad v1.8 released 25 Sep 2019 Edit: Launchpad v1.9 released 2 Dec 2019 Edit: ToolsEditor v1.3 released 31 Dec 2019 Edit: Launchpad v1.10 released 12 May 2020 Edit: Launchpad v1.11 released 14 Aug 2020
  2. I have been really struggling as some of other users of late to pinpoint sources of latency and conflicts , especially when USB devices are involved. I currently am using a PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB 2 Audio Interface and just having some really annoying crackles when working with the latest update of SampleTank 4.04. I was wanting to make sure that the PreSonus was on a dedicated USB channel and found this utility that provided a clear and straightforward view of how things were connected. You can see that there is a lot going on but I was able to get the Studio 6|8 on its own by sort of trial and error connecting and checking the tree: You can learn more about this utility here: https://www.uwe-sieber.de/usbtreeview_e.html#download I now actually believe it is a SampleTank 4.04 issue as I tried the project and loaded it down with a lot of heavy memory VSTs (Trillian, Kontakt (running NOIRE), Addictive Drums, etc) Hope it helps?
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