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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Cakewalkers I saw, a couple of months ago, a post on why it is not currently possible to update the startime of a video / movie file imported in CbBl. (If I remember correctly, had something to do with the file type or codec or the selected playback engine...) I just cannot find it anymore. My google searches outputs articles dating from around 2014... so... Can someone help?
  2. For my work flow of 60, 30 &15 second cut downs I would love to be able to select a section in the time ruler and see just how many seconds are selected. Is there a way in our DAW? For now I do the math and cut down that way. It would just be great to see a number of seconds from the highlighted area. Thanks.
  3. I have my time ruler set to MBT. The first four measure numbers show correctly, synced with the track but then measure 5 is way down the way, showing measure 4 to be a huge, long measure on the ruler. What caused that? I did use the AudioSnap to tighten up a piano track, but I think it was the same way before that. Any ideas how to fix it so that the music and measure numbers are lined up correctly? Well, can't believe - I found the problem. When I clicked on the Time Ruler measure 4, I looked up at the time signature and it showed 4/1 ! Don't know how that happened, but when I changed it to 4/4, all the proper measure numbers appeared on the ruler! Whew! I hope this helps someone else who finds themselves in the same situation. Thanks for reading this. Lew in TX
  4. Another issue I am having difficulty with, so any help gratefully received: 1. I record or import some externally recorded audio tracks. 2. I add a virtual bass track and then freeze the synth. 3. To tidy the project up I shift all tracks left in the timeline so they start as close to the start og the timeline as possible. 4. I later wish to correct some slight timing errors in the bass track so I unfreeze it. 5. The midi bass track now shows up in its original possition before 3 above...I am therefore unable to play the other audio tracks and correct the bass track as the audio (the musical reference I need) is no longer playing in synch with the bass track unless I refreeze the bass synth...but then I can't edit the midi notes. Can I change something somewhere (is there a setting?) to ensure this doesn't happen? EDT
  5. These are the smallest fonts in the entire GUI. A bigger font would make them easier to see. And maybe BOLD too.
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