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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I have created a track and set the tempo to 80bpm and into this track imported a drum loop which is also 80bpm. However, when I try to loop this track (Ctrl L + drag) it alters the tempo of the clip to half time. If I change the tempo setting to 160bpm in the control bar, then the drum loop reverts back to it's original tempo. Now I know how to fix the issue I can work around it but can anyone tell me why this might happen? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everybody, happy to join this incredible community! I ask for your help since I recorded some audio tracks at 120 bpm but now I'd like to turn them in 140 bpm . Is there a way? I tried to simply change the tempo but this doesn't work at all. Thank you in advance
  3. hi, i made a video to show better what im talking about, because my english isn't my 1rst language. is there a way to get the "tempo change" back like before please? i never had this problem before. when i change tempo, all the work with tracks is changed. make no sense at all. it should have something to put this function on or off. ty i also noticed "the vertical white line who follow playback" is now moving steady when tempo change, old versions, that line was accelerating or slowing depending the tempo. my video: someone else video where we see this problem wasnt there before:
  4. I'm trying to slow down a project a little. I have about 40 tracks, both audio and MIDI. I'm using these instructions, But I recall reading somewhere else that I have to bounce all the tracks to clips so that they all start at zero. Can anyone tell me if this is so, or if the SONAR documentation is obsolete?
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