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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there, is there any pssibility to save some of the included patterns from studio instruments in my project? I didn't found any possibility...but quite new in all that stuff... Thanks, Michael
  2. The new 2022.06 update Toast message says the SI suite has an update. Have they changed or added something? Curious because the version # seems to be the same as what I already have.
  3. I came back to using Cakewalk after a brief break and now my SI instruments no longer work and instead give me a pop-up asking for registration. The link to register goes to the defunct old Cakewalk site. I've also confirmed that the SI instruments are checked as an available add-on within the Bandlab Assistant. I'm not sure what to do in order to regain access to these instruments.
  4. Friends, I've been searching for a tutorial to help understand the implementation of the SI Bass Guitar. Is there a folder that contains those grids? Specifically, how do I get the pattern grid into my project? I like the NiceBass using either or both Pop or walking in the Jazz blues section. Any help appreciated
  5. Hi can you help.. DIM PRO 5 v1.5 - I am trying to register it against my new PC but I'm caught in a frustrating, recurring Dim Pro Registration loop. Actions so far.... I downloaded DP 1.5 from My Products from command center. DP5 launches and works fine on my new computer BUT on launch it initiates with 30 day time bomb message asking me to Register the product. - It is now at 23 days and counting. Numerous times - I've tried registering the CWDM150763349901618 serial number code ( shown by clicking on the DIMENSION PRO TEXT) against the 16 alpha numeric Registration Code ( i.e. XXXX - XXXX-XXXX-XXXX code format stored in "My products " against CWDM150763349901618 ). I do this by copying the 16 alpha numeric Registration Cod pasting it into the required registration code field . I get an "Invalid registration Code warning etc ". Something appears to be cross wired. NOTE : Its early days but so far all other CW BL functionality on the new PC appears to be stable - so far it is only DIM PRO5 that i've encountered any issues with. Any suggestions? Additional info - I've used Sonar CW BL for 20 years plus - Still using a second PC from 2013 - DIM Pro etc all working fine ( including registration). - In Sept 2019 I bought a HP PC that I installed CW Sonar BL etc onto successfully (including Dim Pro 5). I used this HP PC successfully for a few years but I had to return this PC to HP under warranty in Sept 2021 as it it had developed Overheating issues. I was advised not to use it and return it to HP . My "un-educated" thoughts on possible issues - solutions 1) Has Dim pro got a max number of computers it can be registered against (ie 2 ?) and if so is it possible DIM PRO 5 has still got a registration in command Centre against that HP pc that needs to be cleared? * (* The last point was brought up as - I had this issue with Melodyne this week due to HP computer still be registered on the Melodyne 2 PC license against it. Melodyne support kindly deleted the HP ref and freed up the second license ). 2) Has the registry got screwed up in some way regarding Dim Pro and I need to uninstall re-install Dim Pro with guidance from you guys ? Look forward to your response.
  6. Hi, in Cakewalk, i can't find the inckluded Studio instruments (Virtual drum kit, bass, piano, strings). I can't find the files on my computer. In Bandlab they are listed as installed, but in Windows, the Studio Instrument Suite is not listed as installed. I have uninstalled Cakewalk, and installed it again, but still the same. A few months ago I had some trouble with Cakewalk and completely removed it and installed it again. Before that i had the Studio instruments. Any ideas how to fix?
  7. New CbB here. Not sure if this has been answered elsewhere... Installed CbB via BandLab Assistant (Run as Admin), installing all Add-ons at the onset. Trying to insert any SI (Drum, Piano, Strings etc) gave me this prompt. Vst folder path looks correct (following Cakewalk documentation). I did uninstall/install, regedit etc., three times. No luck. What am I missing/doing wrong?
  8. I used to have the Studio Instruments with Bandlab but yesterday Cakewalk Bandlab dissappered and then I had to reinstalled the Bandlab. This time the Studio Instruments were missing. The directory c:\program files\cakewalk\studio instruments is also missing. Bandlab assistant thinks that I already have the studio instruments but I don't. How can I download those studio instruments? Should I install Bandlab to another computer and copy those directories back to my computer?
  9. Hello support team. I have a problem with Studio Instruments plug-ins. I have installed and used many types of VSTs without problems, but I cannot use the SI plug in. I installed Studio Instruments with BandLab and they are all on the VST list (SI1.jpg). I can open each instrument regularly leaving all Soft Synth Options by default (SI2.jpg), but I am unable to find any programs (xx.prog) for any of the 4 SI VSTs (SI3.jpg). When I play the midi keyboard I can see the input is received (for example I see the string of SI-Bass Guitar moving, but no sound at all. What did I do wrong or forgot to do? Tks for your advices. Bruno
  10. Hi all, Newbie here (and not very technically minded). Now I’m sure this problem has been posted MANY times before but I have a PC running Windows 10 and I have installed Bandlab and the associated Cakewalk program. I originally downloaded the program to record my Casio CTK 3500 which I have connected to my PC as per a YouTube video by Jeremy See. However, on his video when he starts a new project and right clicks in the lhs pane, a whole array of instruments drops down. On mine I just get ‘default (TTS-1)’ (I shall try to attach a picture [don’t ask for a screenshot as I am no computer whizzkid]). As I said previously, this has probably been asked many times before but if anybody can help it would be most appreciated. Stuart Banks
  11. HELLO, I have Sonar 7 and my SI (bass, drums, piano and strings) are gone now that I have installed Cakewalk by Bandlab. They are in Cakewalk by Bandlab but not in my Sonar 7. Is there a way I can get them to be in both? How would I get the instruments back to Sonar? Thanks.
  12. I'm using the Cakewalk Shared Instruments inside of Reason 10 and I noticed that the GUI for the instruments and the effects will not show. I've tried several trouble shooting and also saving the GUI images to the native VST folder. Reason has a system folder that saves all information about the Vst/Vsti and I also saved the files there. Nothing has worked so far and I don't know exactly how to reach technical support for Cakewalk directly to get an answer. Who can I contact to help with this issue please?
  13. Bob David

    Old Sonar "XL Pack" CD

    I came across two CDs in perfect condition while cleaning out my garage. 1) The Sonar Home Studio installation disc. 2) An XL Pack that includes all the stuff listed in my tags to this post. This XL Pack was included with the Sonar Home Studio installation disc. The first CD installation disc is unneeded, correct, because I am using the free downloaded Cakewalk by Bandlab? I'd like to know then how to utilize the Sonar XL Pack.......... with Cakewalk by Bandlab. (The XL Pack add-ons are not included in the free Bandlab Cakewalk, correct?) I bought a DVD writer to upload the XL Pack CD to my computer, but have not hooked up the DVD writer yet. Thanks, Bob
  14. Hi, I recently installed the cakewalk software using the Bandlab assistant. While installing I chose the Studio instrument suite add on. When I load cakewalk, I see that the studio instruments plugins are getting categorized as FX making it impossible for me to use as instruments. Any idea what I can do to correct this? Here is how it looks like:
  15. The current suite of Studio Instruments is composed of drums, electric bass, electric piano and string section. I would like to see both electric and acoustic guitars added to the suite. I have multiple reasons for requesting the addition of guitars. The electric guitar is a popular instrument in many genres of western music including jazz, pop, rock and country. Acoustic guitar is popular in classical, folk, americana and country. While several free acoustic guitar VSTs exist including Spicy Guitar http://www.spicyguitar.com/ and DSK's Dynamic Guitars https://www.dskmusic.com/dsk-dynamic-guitars/ and Amplesound Martin Lite https://amplesound.net/en/download.asp some are only available as a 32 bit VSTi. I have not been able to find any free electric guitar VSTi. I use the TTS-1 and Studio Instruments a lot as I try to learn more about how to use MIDI. It would be very nice to have both nylon and steel string acoustics as well as several types of electric guitars to choose from. A strum pattern library and strum tempo automatically synced to the project tempo would be awesome.
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