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Found 5 results

  1. I want to edit the groove clip: silence a few parts of the loop. When I double-click a looped audio clip, I first got the side panel with the groove clip properties. I then changed the double click behavior in Options to open the loop construction view. However, now double clicking does nothing. I closed and restarted the application but this didn't help. Double clicking another audio clip doesn't do anything, so it's not the speciifc audioclip. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
  2. I am relatively new to Cakewalk because I used it just a little until now. I am creating a track and some days ago I was able to set some midi groove-clips so they repeat: I put notes into a measure, then activated the groove-clip and edited its boundary. The groove-clips play as expected. Today I tried the same thing for the drum track but I experienced something strange: when I activate the groove-clip function on the clip (one measure) it stretches out up to the end of the song but it is like I changed its length, not the repeat range. So I end up with a long clip almost empty because just a measure has notes. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance
  3. Dear all, I am having no end of trouble.This is only an experiement but I am trying to create short loops of audio to incorporate within tracks created within Cakewalk. I have absolutely no idea what the loop construction tool is aimed at doing or what "slices" are nor why I would want them. I have tried using this and it comes up with some loopy (pun intended) results by playing the audio at crazily slow or fast tempos or stuttering and replaying bits of it. Ideally I want to create 2 or 3 audio loops I can drop into a track, hopefully adjusting themselves to the tempo of the track in each case. I would welcome advice as to the workflow to achieve this. Thanks
  4. Big fan of Bandlab. Bandlab  exploded my creative potential, doing more things with music now, than I ever imagined.  Great community of encouraging artists, inspiring some cool music. 

  5. Hi Guys, I have a single track in a project with a background drone going continuously. However the "sweet spot" for the drone note is the centre two bars of a four bar midi note. Track plays from start, hits the loop start at bar 2 and end of loop at start of bar 4, goes back to start of loop at bar 2 and around and around. This so you get the initial start of the drone but the continuous drone is the loop part: So is it possible to loop one track ONLY like this within a multitrack project, leaving all other tracks to play from start to end of project/song without looping?
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