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Found 1 result

  1. SPAK


    She Doesn't Want you (Anymore) She doesn't like you, doesn't matter what you do She doesn't want you, she doesn't want anything from you And you've tried … Day after day But each time you look at her, …... She just looks away, She doesn't need you, she doesn't even look your way And 'though your talking … she won't hear the words you say And you try so hard to make her see, the little things you do And you try so hard to be the man, she saw in you .. She's become an obsession, gnawing at you inside She'd be delighted at how many times you cried … Because It doesn't seem that long ago this woman you adore Shared her love and gave her heart … but you always wanted more, And you abused it! … threw it all away! And now your sorry … all your effort tried in vain, Because there's someone new within her life to end her misery Someone who believes in her … someone just like me She doesn't need you (Double track vox on M8) Can you hear the words inside your head every-time you close your eyes? Do you feel the pain as she walked away, when she knew of all you lies? Harboured deep inside the dark your thoughts are black as coal The devil waits with baited breath to own your very soul ( single vox ) You'll never know the happiness she could have given you Oh Oww a ...Mmm … She doesn't want you she doesn't need you anymore She doesn't love you, and you can't hurt her for sure Because someone who believes in her is standing in your way And I won't back down and I won't let go so believe me when I say! She doesn't love you, doesn't need you anymore Doesn't want you doesn't want it anymore Doesn't love you … she doesn't love you she doesn't need you …...