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  1. I have many Piano/keyboard recordings, on Bandcamp. I don't use midi. I need instruction how to reduce the harsh piano over loud clips in a recorded track. I have been selecting and cutting gain down of each individual "peak." My attempt at using compression was a nightmare of confusion for me. Perhaps someone can link to a how to which will instruct me on limiting, cutting down the clipping when it occurs. Thank you, Larry Goodell
  2. So, the search function returned such generic results I decided to simply ask outright. I apologize if this has been covered before, but I've looked and not found. Apparently the oh-so-useful "CTRL + click" mechanism to adjust parameters of multiple selected tracks at once sometimes decides to stop working. I have not yet been able to figure out the culprit. In some projects it is just fine and functions as expected. However, in other projects (and/or seemingly projects in which it had previously worked), it will only change the last track touched, despite multiple tracks being selected and CTRL being depressed while mouse is clicked. I have noticed that one seems to have to perform this operation rather slowly for it to catch. The problem is that sometimes, for whatever reason, it simply is not possible. Has anyone else experienced this and/or is there a real fix? Thank you all!
  3. Hello together , I edited my voice but somehow I changed the view and now I only see the waves in the image I attached. Its impossible to edit like that... Please help I don´t want to start again...
  4. Hello! So, I have a situation where the editing has really slowed down - i.e. it spins for 15 seconds or so when I try to drag a clip. I noticed that this is not an issue on the track underneath it (I only have a few tracks in there) but when I tried creating a new track and just copying the material, the issue was still there. Oh, and I think I have the latest update since I updated recently thinking there was something else (turns out I just had the ripple edit on, which I had never used or heard of before) Any ideas? It's getting rather annoying. 🙂
  5. Rotter Bank


    Hello everyone! We have been editing the timing on our projects and to do this we’ve turned audiosnap on to manually move each note using the transient markers. This would be great however the tempo keeps automatically changing (you can’t guarantee that playing/editing will be in time). Does anyone know how to stop audiosnap automatically changing the tempo without turning audiosnap off? If there is also an easier way to edit without using the transient markers or quantising please let us know. Thankyou so much. By the way this is real audio and not MIDI.
  6. Rotter Bank

    Grid lines

    Hey all!! Final question for today I promise :,) One of my projects restricts how much I can zoom in on the grid lines. Is there a way you can make more grid lines appear and fix this issue? Thankyou!!
  7. Rotter Bank


    Hello everyone thankyou all for your help so far!! I think the problem lies within playback rather than audiosnap as sometimes the song plays in time and then other times it plays delayed. Is this a possibility? If so what would I need to do to resolve this issue? Thankyou so much.
  8. If this already exists, please point me to where and how to enable it. Meanwhile, maybe a compressor or limiter would help me get my audio levels within a track better aligned. But my music frequently goes from quieter passages to louder ones and my current m.o. is to record a lot of takes within a track, then frequently, manually adjust gain (and pan) on individual clips or on the track itself . So it would be a useful, workflow enhancement to have an automation setting option, that a user could make a default, which displays a dB grid and pan grid within each of these scenarios: a take lane, for the whole track and on a selected clip. Then a user could click on a grid line and the level would snap to it vs. require the zooming in and out to see levels/settings selected or available, along with the up-and-down cursoring to try and find the desired level to try/apply.
  9. Greetings whoever may see this , I'm new to this app and also the recording process as I've just started this year. I just have a slight issue , i use a Scarlett focusrite interface a laptop and an Aston microphone my setup is great but I cant seem to get my vocals right they only come out of one ear even after the recording and export process is finished..... any advice?
  10. Hi all, I am having the greatest trouble trying to edit a drum track in the piano roll in Cakewalk for Bandlab (latest version) on Windows11. When I use the pencil tool,either notes do not appear, or they do after a good few clicks, or they appear in the wrong place, ie. a different place than the place I clicked on. The copy&paste function seems dodgy: when I do CTRL&A, notes get left out (always the first note especially), the same for CTRL&C, when pasting with CTRL&V, not all notes get pasted and some motes appear in the wrong places. It is just a nightmare trying to get a drum track in place in the piano roll. Has anyone had similar experiences? Is it a bug in CW or have I missed something? Any help will be very much appreciated.
  11. HI! I started using Cakewalk by BandLab couple of months ago and I see that it is a brilliant successor DAW to Sonar DAW, with so many improvements and great features, but I am an active Sonar user since 2004 and, as I worked on many versions of Sonar through the years, I witnessed that every new version had some seriously great upgrades and developed some very intelligent and user friendly solutions for dealing with various features, operating and handling the whole process of recording and music production and most of all editing recorded clips, better than in any other DAW I tried (protools, cubase, cool edit, logic, reaper), especially editing multiple takes recorded on multiple tracks (like, for example, recording drums with 14 mics or more, and then editing that 14 tracks, multi-take recording, which is my usual day to day job). That being said, I and my associates and colleagues also witnessed some of those brilliant features going the opposite direction from improvement within the newer versions of DAW, and that started after Sonar 8.5, in Sonar X1, though it is stil great, user friendly, fast and intuitive!!! Well, for me and that brilliantly fast and easy editing, everything went south with Sonar X2 (stuff also featured in all it's successor DAWs) when "Take Lanes" were introduced instead of "Track Layers", which is why I am still working in latest edition of Sonar X1. What the hell was supposed to get better or easier or whatever with that annoying feature that was not been able to be done in sonar 8.5 or X1, or even some of the older ones???!!! There's no "Rebuilt layers" command, which was a very useful command dealing with layers, sorry - lanes! To me and my colleagues these "Take Lanes" were visually confusing since day one. The old style was so "common sense" and intuitive visually-wise, and work-wise. I went through HELP files to figure out how to deal with these "take lanes", but there's not much help with it, is it,hm? Some other downgrades (in my opinion) comparing with older Sonar DAW versions: - When I mute the clip, it used to have a little "red crossed circle" icon in the upper left corner so it was crystal clear the Clip is MUTED. - In Sonar, in track view (also in the bus view), going up and down through the tracks in a project by scrolling the mouse-wheel used to toggle track by track (or you could say bus track by bus track), no matter the current heights of the particular tracks, so you would always see the whole track channel on top of the screen. Now in Cakewalk it seems to toggle some fixed value, so by scrolling it's clumsy to toggle to a desired track, and it's often to see just a small part of the track, so you get lost easily - the user is forced for more usage of the side bar to scroll precisely to a preferred view/location... ANNOYING! Does anybody feels the same as I do regarding this stuff? In hope of improving these features back to when it was done right, all the best and keep on the GREAT WORK!!!! Davor Tomic Pinky
  12. Hi! It would be nice if the curves (track envelopes, clip envelopes, fade in and fade out) had a middle point to ease manage the tension of the curve. Now, we have to select (using right click) between 3 predefined: linear, slow curve, fast curve, jump (only for track/clip envelopes) which it's quite limited and slow. Here, a serum vst example image, showing this tensions points: Here a gif showing and example in LFOTool vst plugin Thanks!
  13. Hello. If you edit the length of the audio and you bounce the result to a clip, the audio disappears. This wasn't happening in the previous version
  14. Hello. I must say that the Pentagram MIDI edition it was easier in Sonar, as it was an interface where you were ablo to select the length of the notes. For example, if you want to write a note with the length of 8:00 you need to edit one by one every semibrave(4:00) and edit the length of it. Also in Sonar if you clicked over one note it took the length and velocity of that note. Why is not doing that now? Also, the edition it was faster because you were able to change the length of a note just clicking the numbers. Now with the numbers arechange the interface configuration. Is this going to change in the future? And whi the smart tool doesnt work for the pentagram edition if you want to increase the velocity? Regards.
  15. Hello. I'm wondering if it is possible to configure pentagrams with microtonal tunning, or just keeping the different tunning of another tunnings like well tempered or Pythagoric scale. I have some synthetizers which allow you to do this kind of things. It sometimes help to get different colors in music, and also helps for contemporary music composition. Regards.
  16. Hello. I am new in this forum but I have been user of Cakewalk Application since 3.0. First of all I want to give thank you for all you make possible to make this free. I want to share with you an issue I have that is not being solved in Cakewalk by Bandlab, but this issue wasn't there when Cakewalk it was Sonar. When I copy one track and I paste it I need to first click the track before doing that, if not it being pasted anywhere else. This step finally makes all the edition slower if you need to do additional clicks everytime you want to copy/paste something. This is happening even is the track where you want to paste it is highlighted as selected. As this problem wasn't in Sonar I guess that is anything to be solved, and let me tell you that I have Cakewalk Bandlab installed in more thatn one computer and it happens in both of them. Is anyone having the same issue?
  17. Hello. This process is working weird, if you select the notes in the Pentagram mode, or in the Piano Roll and click on listen/test button (I'm sorry, I don't know how is this written in English) it plays both the original notes and the quantized at the same time. Does anyone is having the same issue? Also I would like to ask. Is there anywhere explained what each groove pattern is doing? I'm not able to understand what it is doing. Regards
  18. I am completely new to the world of DAW after being analog for 40 years. Is it possible to listen to the "tape" scrolling past the play head in a manual mode? Old school example: Play head is live and the reels are spun by hand to listen for that certain spot where the cut is going to happen. I think I've clicked and right clicked every menu and region of Cakewalk to no avail. What button am I missing?
  19. Hello people! ... message in a bottle here... Allow me to write down here my "in progress" reflection on editing VO / Narrations best practices / workflows. I am currently working on my first audio book (getting back from an 80% DAW-ACTIVITY STOP that lasted for the last decade... so be forgiving... building back my chops here...) Sometimes, trying to sort out some thoughts might be helpful for me and others and even trigger a discussion about better workflows? Maybe not... anyway... bombs away. ... SO... being the lazy a**h*** that I am, i'm trying to re-invent the wheel on day one of working on a new project... sooooo me.... (but i'll call it "process optimization attempt" officially) 😉 CONTEXT / OBJECTIVES Working on a audio book with a session that lasts about 3 hrs and should be edited back to about 90-120 minutes. Working with, of course, TIME RULER MARKERS Trying to evaluate scenarios to help share time-ruler markers between other software tools... Testing the new ARRANGEMENT feature to edit out the outtakes and render correctly-edited files (no audio process yet...) Evaluating alternative workflows... QUESTIONS Is there anything like clip-based time markers/rulers? (to comment at the "original recording" time period, in order to keep the "session / project time ruler" fully avail for the editing process). Is there anything like a VST "time marker ruler" (in order to share time-based production notes between programs...)? According to KVR in 2018, there is no such thing... Is there a way to better take notes of the "out-takes" WHILE RECORDING? Like, I do not know... be able to use the mute tool to mute out portions you already know you won't be keeping? I was tempted to use a midi track with clips... Next time i'll try the ARRANGEMENT FEATURE to mark... (I just was afraid to use it while mission-critical recording). Should some time-marking capabilities be avail at the TRACK FOLDER level? Should 2 more "marker types" be made avail? Like a "cut start" and a "cut end" marker type? (I know i can just mark "I" and "O" in the comments, but to have a specific type could be more easily connected to other editing tools / workflow... or even to CAL? I dunno...) ACTUAL ATTEMPTS Tried to use the new ARRANGEMENT feature in CwbBl (like some kind of a CUTLIST like in sound forge... but here, of course, I identified what needed to be KEPT). So far so good... it is really scary though to look at the time-line shift around when rendering... makes me feel like an audio region in the latter portion of my timeline will be deleted... The "markers to arrangements" feature worked as expected. Render proceeded as expected. Proceeding now to listen to this render to see if clips and pops can be heard (of course, the "reading flow" might not be the best at that point... but I did try to evaluate what was the narrator's current flow at the time of the edits, to minimize further editing down the road... I guess I am about to know if I succeeded or not... 😉 WORKFLOW PROPOSITIONS Since the ARRANGER feature scared me a little, I might try to use VOLUME AUTOMATION (or other type of automation that could be "shared" between softwares) to cut out the bad takes of my recordings, and then render the file to a new track and complete the file using the strip silence feature... I am kind of hoping that if I needed to also work in another program for specific reasons (like SoundForge or spectraLayers) I could manage to export the file combined with the automation envelope in order for me to have some kind of time markers shared between programs somehow... PROS : would be "movable" with my original recorded clips, leaving my time ruler markers / arrangements sections free to be used for the "finished" files... CONS: navigation would not be as easy as moving between markers using shortcuts... I'll keep you posted... maybe... Do find this post interesting somewhat? Or should I just stop it right here? Regards.
  20. Don't we deserve a DAW that understands what is in an open project and to respond accordingly? One way to do that is to let a user split a clip in the 'master row' when it reflects only one clip at a point in the composition, even when there are multiple take lines. This means a user doesn't have to open take lanes and scroll down to see how many clips are active in that point of the composition. Furthermore, to assist the user, how about color-coding the master row clip to put any section in a different color to designate when there is more than one clip at any point in the composition? That way, a user will know when a clip split action in the master row is not possible.
  21. It's been doing this for a couple releases now and it's driving me insane. I uploaded a video since that's a lot easier to show the issue. This happens in multiple projects. I'd go as far as to say, probably all of them. When slip editing on Crossfades (shift edge clip over a xfade) - to move the edge + keep the xfade area, it moves random surrounding clip edges. And what's worse is "Undo" only undoes the change I made to the clip I'm slip editing. it LEAVES the horked surrounding clips. And it's not always obvious when Cakewalk has decided to betray me. I had troubles reproducing the issue again, at first, but I uploaded the full video just to show extra At 1:49 I thought I'd reproduced it, but it was just a temporary visual glitch that fixes itself when you let go of the mouse button. The audio is fine. At2:50 you can see where it highlights the clip to the left of the clip I'm working on (even though the audio isn't moved.... yet. But I have a feeling this is related somehow) At 3:40 is the first ACTUAL reproduction of the bug. And then there's many more later. So if you want to skip directly to the issue, go to 3:40 and beyond. I hit this so often, I simple just can't use the shift slip editing at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_0xG92NZJE Enjoy and thanks bakers! Can't wait for this one to be fixed. ;)
  22. Good morning all, Hope you're well! I've currently got a lot of long midi clips that i'd like to reduce to smaller lengths so that I can organise them better into a library. Is there any ability to automate this process within Cakewalk or does anyone know of other VST's/software that will achieve this goal? The ideal method i'm looking for is to present the source file and then simple the size of the output in terms of bars. Bonus points if I can do this as a batch activity over a number files! I've looked into a few things so far, but haven't found an effective solution. Best wishes, Matthew
  23. In Preferences >Customization >Editing >Clips you can choose which side of a TV clip gets selected when splitting a clip in two. The same options for splitting PRV notes would be fantastic. Especially when deleting portions of a note. Currently you can only have the left side selected after splitting. But only after selecting the note before splitting.
  24. Hello BandLabers. I'm goofing around with the REMOVE SILCENCE function and I thought we had a way to just had it SPLIT CLIPS (retaining audio data in order to adjust the clip's borders and fades afterwards...). But is seems that it is not the case. When trying to "roll out" clip borders, there is just ... silence... Is there something I am missing here? The only work-around I can think of currently, is to set some kind of "forgiving" strip silence parameters first (still keeping some "to cut out" stuff) and afterwards complete the cleaning process manually... I also tried apply a EXP / GATE prior to removing silence, but I have not been able to set it up correctly in a way that I would not need to edit like hell anyway afterwards yet... so no proper "improvement" here... Regards.
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