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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have a problem when editing my comping. I was editing my comping when this problem came up. The beginning of the next track I've recorded does not sound. However, the same track start to sound seconds later. Graphically this is corroborated when seeing that the waveform in the general comping is empty and later returns to normal. I've tried to unmuted the track but doesn´t work. I want to know if it is possible that the beginning of the track will sound again
  2. I'm calling this a bug, because there is no way that this could be considered by-design (I hope). I do a lot of editing and comping. If you have a bunch of comps in the take lanes and you pick and pull from different takes and then collapse down to the main track and slide clips around and x-fade the edge, the X fades go bananas (best way to put it). All the hidden, UNUSED clips in the comp lanes still affect the USED clips, making the x-fades completely non-sensical. Super frustrating. I've tried this with both "Display muted clips in the parent track" on and off and the behavior is the same. What I have to do, is after I've decided which comped clips to use, I have to go and complete delete out every other take and then collapse them down and finish editing. This completely defeats the purpose of having comp lanes for future pulling of clips if I change my mind later. It's simple, once I've chosen the clips from the various take lanes and collapse the track, all my edits to clips should only affect the clips I've chosen to work with. This is incredibly easy to reproduce, but in case it's needed, here are screen shots of the issue: Choose some comps: I then select a clip that I want to nudge a hair: When I nudge it to the right, the starting cross fade is complete jacked up. It should have only changed the ENDING fade, since now there is overlap with the adjacent clip to the right. To see what's happening, expand the comp lanes back out: ^^^ what is that shenanigans? Those other ghosted takes should NEVER affect the master comp. you can see that Cakewalk thinks there is overlap between clip "4" and clips "record 98" and "record 99". And thus it's jacking up clip 4's starting x-fade.
  3. This video has proved very useful as I attempt vocal comping for the first time.
  4. My first forum um, as title ,when warming ,say, guitar , into a shout drum loop ,sounds OK , so cliq record (in comp mode), and end up with usefull CLIPS ,then invariably want to re-splice all the CLIPS ,back to a single track keeping the CLIPS as well.,,,,then sort out arrangments as usually created by that 1st track To note ,this I dont think is lazzy,, the point for me is trying simply loop tracks,,I think of them as tech metronomes ,and if I get INTO it,,man u-no,,then just cliq rec. (with my modified mouse footswitch) or try other loops or drum patterns,, there is an option to drag (great function) the rythem loop out to my default 70-72 bars, tho if I do ,that loop invariably gets changed,, and changed ,so , feature request ,possible right cliq CLIP-LANES button to RE-SPLICE CLIPS , saves a lot of drag-in. Jon. I carry-on this request with a small example,that shows how many copy,paste, so as to then FLATTEN . I,m not sure ,I think your programming in for capturing the best takes, I haven,t got that far yet ,it is my 6 year attempt to CREATE a song arrangment from ONE LIVE TAKE (with errours) then construct to that,.I spend hours playing git to loops and have never had recording edit that can keep the git-track and then create drums, bass and so-on to that track .Sonar (bandlab) is right there for me except for the Re-splice of 20--140 CLIPS I considered this to be quite normalish way of writing and constructing ,the inspired initial track in clock sync so then anythings possible.. I must just say it,s great listening to the single CLIPS,, EVERY-ONES-A-LOOPY!!! Jon If this seems to get some response ,I want to try something like ,Does Bandlab have a overview objective as a recording software, mine is still to record Rok-en Roll, mostly from live instruments and edit either for live band rehearsals or finished songs, Jon
  5. This email flew by yesterday and I found the video (3:24) interesting enough that it is worth posting here. I have never used Melodyne during comping and the video says that this works in ALL versions. The part at 1:45 is worth noting (editing takes in Melodyne to align timing issues), since I had no clue that editting masked takes was even possible.
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