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Found 5 results

  1. To prevent SessionDrummer 3 from inadvertently triggering a drum fill pattern, I have a full length note in PRV on the "OFF" key. When the note reaches measure 258 in length on a 4/4 beat pattern, it no longer responds to the mouse when zoomed in. Can't select it. Can't stretch it. Nothing. There are similar issues with CC values where they simply disappear when reaching a certain length. I can break them up into smaller lengths, but is there a limit to how long a MIDI note/CC can be? Or is this a Zoom bug?
  2. I have a problem displaying some dialog boxes and it seems like I miss some system font on my laptop. Or is it a setting somewhere? This is what it looks like on my laptop: And this on my desktop: I am used to the look on the second picture and that is a normal, regular look for me. There first one is not ok. Anyone has any idea?
  3. Hiya, right so I've been using the TH-3 FX on a VST and it was all going well until suddenly, the master output level locked to 50%. I have no idea how to fix this, I've tried going into the automation lanes and manually putting the output level up but that also always locks back to 50% - I also tried going into TH-3 itself and setting it back, but obviously that didn't work either. I checked all the other automation lanes and nothing should be interfering - after that I made sure the output level wasn't attached to any automation parameter, still nothing. Velocities are all default and I haven't added any Midi events. I cant remember exactly what I did to do this - I was in the middle of copying multiple tracks and pasting them somewhere else and after playing it I realised something was off, Undo, the pasted content is gone as it should be but the sound is the same, look in the edit tab - I recognise all the actions but none of them point to the issue, close cakewalk, 'Save changes?', No. THE SOUND IS STILL THERE. Whatever it is it is burned into that project so I'm gonna have to go in and fix it myself - any pointers? I am on Windows 10 - 64 Bit.
  4. earlier today I had been using a Bluetooth MIDI device, unfortunately I could not get it to work correctly on Cakewalk and so I looked online and was advised to change the MIDI Driver to UWP, after applying this change the whole application froze and stopped responding. Now, whenever I open Cakewalk the starting screen freezes and stops responding too and no matter how long I wait it doesn't start responding again. As of now I have tried rebooting in safe mode and shift running Cakewalk which did not work, I've also tried renaming the aud file to aud.old but obviously this didn't work as it is a Midi driver problem, not an audio driver one. Is there any way to fix this? I would really like to be able to use my DAW again.. I am on windows 10, 64 bit.
  5. Today, I got a pop-up that Cakewalk is Not Activated (20, 800b0100) and because it is deactivated, I can't save. It says to Contact Support and clicking on it, sends me to the Cakewalk web page where I have to create an account but account creation is disabled. If I go to the Help menu - Refresh Activation, it works but still Cakewalk is Not Activated. The Help menu shows that I am logged into Bandlab. Under Help menu - Check for Updates, it says I am up to date with version with the option for updating the Help menus and Demos. I updated Help and Demos. Still no activations I shut down Cakewalk, (losing my latest work 😞 ) and now it requests that I login into Bandlab first. Did that, Cakewalk opens and says Not Activated. Refreshed Activation and back where I started from Not Activated and can't save....
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