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  1. Replacing SSD 4 on a multi-out track with either Tony Coleman Drums or EZ Drummer freezes the track, and wrongly replaces it with Waves Element, which there already is an instance of in the Synth Rack. On Undo, the track gets frozen again, and the undo operation fails - the synth keeps Element on it. I haven't tried other synth combinations. EDIT: SSD 4 is linked to a drum map. On replacing, a new drum map gets created without asking, and it routes to Element 2, which might be the first synth in alphabetical order. Replace Multitrack Synth Not Working.mp4
  2. Select a number of tracks in the Track View. Right click the first one, select Move To Folder | New Track Folder Tracks appear in new folder in an order that makes no sense to me. It's not the order they were in, nor is it sorted in any apparent order. Ideally, I'd like them stay in the same order they were. Note: If you create a track folder, then select all the tracks and drag them into the folder, that works - they don't shuffle around randomly. So there's that. But I invariably do it the first way and then fix it, because that "saves a step". At least until I remember "Oh yeah, the order gets shuffled and now I have to fix that." This is in 2022.02 patch #1.
  3. There seems to be a bug with the MIDI program change message in Bandlab. I have a MIDI .cwp file that works correctly with my old copy of SONAR 7 but it doesn't work with Bandlab. Both use the same default general midi .ins file. I checked the MIDI being sent to my external synth using MIDI-OX. Bandlab sends an extra PC message, C0 00. This causes the program change to be overridden and always changed to the first patch. SONAR sends the message correctly.
  4. See video below. The behavior occurs both when opening a new instance on a mono bus, and on opening a project with an existing instance, on a bus that has meanwhile been switched to mono. When it happens, the plugin doesn't work - lets the dry through, as if it didn't exist. The Weirdest Bug Ever.mp4
  5. Hi to all, I would like to report a bug. The bug is related to midi input routing save. As you know, this is a problem that has been present for years, I have noticed in fact that users over time have repeatedly highlighted the problem in different forms and conditions. I don't know why it is still present, I think that when you route some virtual synth it is important to not have to redone again the routing work everytime (...when you can...in many cases you have to delete and load again all the virtual synths because it is impossible to delete anymore the "wrong" midi inputs added) There have been several attempts to explain the problem (modification in connected midi devices of the active device type at the time of saving and later not connected at the time of reopening the project or connected to a different USB port) or to at least limit the bug. But in reality unfortunately the bug does not depend only on the connected peripherals or not...it seems most related with virtual synth input ports. I was hoping that with the last early update, since a change had been inserted in the management of the midi ports of virtual synths, had been fixed but unfortunately this was not the case. I tried through this short video to highlight the center of the bug by simplifying it. In fact, the situation is much worse. In fact, the more complex the midi routing, the more the problem arises, with the usual randomly modified midi inputs (double, triple, all active, none...). In several cases it is not even possible to correct the problem of inputs that always remain active and you have to delete all the uploaded virtual synths and start from scratch, thus doing all the configuration again! For some it simply shows up after saving and reopening the project. In my case if the file is saved and then reopened the input midi channel assignments "seem" to be correct. But I would say that it is only luck, because every now and then the bug also occurs to me as to many others even just reopening a previously saved project. Actually as this video highlights, the bug occurs regardless of the subsequent closure and reopening of CbB under different conditions. Instead if I save the input settings of the various synths such as track settings, delete the tracks and restore the track settings save (without obviously closing CbB) the bug instantly appears as you can see. Unfortunately, this bug has been and remains somewhat annoying. You waste a lot of time reopening or editing tracks to reconfigure everything! I would therefore kindly like to ask you whether you can check what the problem is and solve it once and for all. I am sure that would certainly make so many users happy as the bug has been present for years. From my point of view, routing and managing audio and midi tracks (in this case) is a major feature in a DAW. It is the basis from which to carry out any work. It has to work and certainly once a template is configured the routing (sometimes it can also be quite complex with the various VSTs) should stay. If every time the saves made are not kept and everything has to be redone it becomes... Many thanks for your work and time Ronny
  6. Sometimes Clip Gain automation is ignored when exporting audio. For me, some clips with a gain envelope are handled just fine when exporting audio, others have their gain envelope ignored. See two attached screen shots. PLEASE NOTE: The Clip Inspector Properties shows Automation Read IS CHECKED (i.e., ON). There are NO REGION FX. In fact, no FX whatsoever. There are NO sends to any buses. If I move this clip to any other timeline position, the Clip Gain is no longer ignored when exporting the audio, OR a different problem occurs: The Clip Gain is treated as -INF (negative infinity) for the beginning of the clip up to the point where the envelope rises for the first time. If I insert another blank audio track anywhere, the Clip Gain is no longer ignored when exporting the audio (on the first try). Then after saving the .CWP file, the Clip Gain is again immediately ignored when exporting audio. THIS PROBLEM is EXTREMELY HARD to discover when you have many tracks and many clips. How do you know which Clip Gain envelopes are being ignored during export and which ones are not? I have done extensive testing and discovered that if I “Flatten Comp” for all tracks that use Clip Gain, then the export seems to include Clip Gain automation adjustments. For now, anyway ... until it doesn't ...
  7. I noticed that the Mouse Wheel Zoom Options and the available keybindings are not well designed and in addition some of the functions are broken. Errors: With the following settings: 1. Zoom factor set at 2.0 (or higher) for horizontal/verticall & 2. Zoom In / Out at Cursor. 3. Simultaneous zoom option turned off. Trry zooming in / out (with Shift+Alt + Wheel). Zooming stops if the zoom fector is set higher/smaller than the reminaing track height is. And also the Zoom behaviour gets erratic after a few zooms and stops vertically, and if the track buttom is not in the track view extent anymore. The +Shift-option to make zooming faster does not work in neither mode and in neither direction. The keybinding for horizontal zoom different on the 2 modes: for with simultaneous zoom option turned on/off Since Track View navigation / zooming is one of the most used functions i hope this gets resolved in the near future. Thank you.
  8. Hi all, The new Waves CR8 Sampler VST3i disappears after launching Cakewalk a second time. Steps to reproduce are: Update to latest Cakewalk Activate and Install Waves CR8 Sampler (VST3i) Launch Cakewalk and let it search and find new VSTs Start project and load CR8 Sampler (it is located in the Waves Folder in instrument section) and it works as expected Close Cakewalk Launch Cakewalk a second time CR8 Sampler has disappeared or CR( has been moved outside the Waves Folder and is still visible but upon loading Cakewalk says "it is not installed" Anyone else has this error? Thank you, Peter
  9. When I want to scroll up and down the synths in Synth Rack, mouse wheel is not working as it should. In a large list, mouse wheel will not scroll, but only jump to the beginning or to the end of the synth rack list:
  10. I previously wrote about Cut/Delete Special not working properly because tempo changes (among other things) are not taken into account. This problem is similar. I recently had a project with several tempo changes in it. When export manager prepares a section for export it moves it to the beginning of the project and removes everything else. The problem is it does not move the tempo change with it. Do you know what happens when you move clips to a section with a different tempo or when you just change the tempo of a project? Clips shift in relation to one another. It makes a terrible mess and scramble the project.
  11. hello! I've been using cakewalk before I upgraded to WIN 11 , after i upgraded i couldn't use it at all I tried making a new project but it couldn't work so i tried opening an old project thinking it was an error but no it did the same thing as before Stuck at "Creating IU" so I went re-installing thinking it would fix it but no it didn't, again I use an Acer aspire 5 Windows 11 Home Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.10 GH Ram: 8 GB pls help me !
  12. I don't know if this is the proper place to say this, but I want to report a bug on BandLab. I hope it is a bug. If not, someone tried (and succeded) to steal one of my songs. https://www.bandlab.com/revisions/fc0f9879-337b-ec11-94f6-0003ffcd3240?sharedKey=OU6-u0pXy0avc1UnN3mgaw This song was made by me and made public a while ago. And now is private and apparentely someone else is the author. I wrote to @bandlab about this and never had an answer. Besides, two of my songs have now a collab that I didn't invite. I wrote to that person and she never answered, either. What should I do? Has this happened before? Thanks in advance. Maria
  13. Hi. I've been trying to create a tempo map for a song by using AudioSnap to mark the transients. It's been working fine until I got almost 3 minutes into doing it. Now AudioSnap is starting to complain about "Invalid measures and beats" and giving crap values on the average tempo as shown here: I figured maybe the audio clip is too long and split it at some point. Not only that didn't fix the problem, but this happens? And the same error continues. Since there's no other practical form of doing that ( tapping the tempo manually with midi then using fit to improvise would take three times longer because I can't have waveforms laid on the piano roll like you can in FL Studio), I must stop and wonder how much Audio Snap was tested for this purpose.
  14. In my experience Cut Special/Delete Special has never worked properly. Clips in some lanes are not being moved as well as tempo changes and markers, even though they are checked for deletion.
  15. 1. If a track (or a folder track) is moved underneath another folder, the moved track (or the folder track) ends up inside it. 2. The expand and collapse button inconsistencies. It sometimes shows '+' when the folder track is expanded. 3. Sometimes the tracks inside the folder track disappears and we have to open the track manager to make it visible.
  16. So, there was an issue with my UI at first. I figured it was because my version of Cakewalk was out of date, so I decided to update it. When I went to Bandlab Assistant and tried to update it, however, it was stuck at "installing." I did some searching, and decided that the best course of action would be to uninstall and reinstall Cakewalk. I backed up my vsts, and uninstalled cakewalk, making sure not to delete shared files. Once I tried to reinstall, however, I ran into the same problem as before, with it being stuck at "installing." At this point I am frustrated and confused, and I am desperate. I see on some forums that you can install it manually by finding the exe file in the system folder. I check there, and sure enough, I find a file called "Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Setup_27.01.0.098_r1.exe" which gives me a sense of relief. I try to open it, and it says "the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable." Under it is another exe file, "Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Update_Setup_26.09.0.006.exe", and I try that one despite being out of date. The wizard fires up, and I select my language, but I am then met with another message saying "This installer requires Cakewalk by Bandlab version 2020.08." My computer is up to date and my drivers are good. I'm confused and nervous, as I have sunk a year and a half on this program and I do not think I would realistically be able to learn another one any time soon. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this?
  17. Hi all! Can someone please help me reproduce this bug? I have been running into it for a long time, but just now I figured out how to reproduce it. Cakewalk version This bug is reproducible with Cakewalk 2021.12 (Build 102). (Updated Jan 9, 2022) Short version: Using the region selection with the smart tool, one cannot drag automation to the maximum if the track in question is a) below a folder track and b) that folder track is the very first track in the project. Steps to repro: Start with a blank project Insert a track folder at the top Insert an audio track below (but MIDI tracks have same bug) Enable automation for, say, volume, and make it a flat line at the bottom Using the smart tool, drag a range in the track and then position it near the top of the track Try to drag the automation range to the maximum Video demonstration In the video, I first demonstrate that dragging works OK with the track folder below. Then I place a folder track above, whereby I no longer can drag the automation to its maximum:
  18. The scrollwheel does not respect Quick Groups (i.e. using Ctrl+Scrollwheel on Fader/Pan/Send on one of multiple-selected channels). I'm pretty sure this is not deliberate, since the scrollwheel *does* respect normal (non-quick) groups. Observed on: Cakewalk 2021.11 Build 18, 64 bit, Windows 10 21H1 19043.1415
  19. Unbounced timestretch clips are not exported in Entire Project. If I select a range, it will be exported. version 2021.11
  20. If “Select Track Articulations with Clips” is on, and you lasso a clip, all the articulation are selected in the track are selected; this prevents you from moving the clip correctly. If you right-click to select a clip one at a time, you don’t have this problem. Lasso should only select articulations that fall within the selected clip.
  21. Perhaps I don't fully understand how RIPPLE EDIT is supposed to work, but this example in the attached screen shots seems incorrect to me.
  22. I recently installed Bandlab Assistant on my computer so that I can use Cakewalk. But for some reason, it says that I already have Cakewalk on my computer. Please help.
  23. The "composite clip" of the folder cannot be labeled as'Articulation'. * Check from the version at that time by rollback. -Articulation is not correctly recognized as the start time in "Composite Clip". -The end time is also not recognized correctly. -"Composite clip" lost time when dragging Articulation by editing. -"Composite clip" cannot do anything if Articulation is deleted in this state. I thought it would be fixed soon, but I reported it because it hasn't been fixed yet. I'm sorry if anyone has already reported.
  24. I created 4 sections within an hour long live recording and tried to export them as individual files. Not only did the process took about 20 mins for each 4 min long section but after each the exported file was deleted and another was created in its place. That is definitely not what you want. It seems that the whole recording is rendered every time instead of a single section and no suffix is added to the name of the file. What a waste of time. Normally you would spend about 2 mins or less exporting a 4 min song. Also, when you export in mp3 you have to set MP3 options for each and every file. Why not do it once for all?
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