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Found 11 results

  1. Hi folk! Whether you need to make loops fit a track, fix up some messy playing, or change tempo - you may need to stretch audio. In this video we find out how, in Cakewalk by Bandlab WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/ZVOs-8KtYYg
  2. Hi folks! A number of viewers have asked about changing time signatures and tempo in a song, so here is a 'How to' WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/mXK6T9fpMtQ
  3. I've got a bass guitar track that is not rhythmically solid. He is playing eight to the bar at 155bpm. A very high percentage of the notes are off by a tiny amount, but the MIDI drums are, of course, bang on, so the incorrect timing on the bass is noticeable. I've never used Audiosnap, but this is a long-distance collaboration and I don't know if I can get the guy to play his part again. I have tried many settings -- threshold, resolution, stretch method, manual editing, quantize (note durations, audio snap beats, etc) different amounts of "swing" and have come pretty close to "fixing" this track, but something always goes wrong, Like there is an extra transient detected that I can't get rid of, or a transient is missing. When I play back sections where these things occur it sounds worse than when I started. Note that if I could get this working I wouldn't mind editing the whole three minutes manually, nor would I mind if the track ends up "perfect," i.e. mechanical sounding. The song won't suffer. Is there a clear tutorial somewhere on how to do this? It seems to me that anyone who's tried to edit a track for timing must have run into the same glitches. I have been at this for a few hours now, and I would welcome any tips or ideas.
  4. Hi folks! If you are sick of robotic sounding songs, check out how to make the click track play with YOU, using Cakewalk by Bandlab! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/I7D3wZldUJw
  5. If you enable audiosnap and edit a clip's tempo map to sync transients with musical beats, the editing is not saved with the project and when you reopen it, all the work done is lost. I found this thread in the old forum, where it can be deduced that the bug was reported in 2017, but has not been fixed yet: http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3623086 English is not my mother language, so I find it difficult to explain the bug in detail, please read the above thread for a better explanation of the problem. To the bakers: is there any chance the bug will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases? I know I can use melodyne to create a tempo map from an audio file, but in this case it's a piece of classical music which requires surgical adjustments, which I think are possible only editing the tempo map with audiosnap
  6. I'm working on creating a tempo map with Audiosnap (transcribing a tune) and I'm having some troubles with it. While I found workarounds for some, I'm wondering how I can handle time signatures that change. While most of the tune is in 4/4, there are a couple of spots where they go to a 3/4 bar. I can change the project, but the AudioSnap doesn't change, and that makes it much more difficult to keep track of where I'm at and it also seems to mess with the time extraction which then seems to cause issues with AudioSnap. The problems don't seem to be consistent, but when I remove the 3/4 bar the problems pretty much go away (except for some crashing, but at least its the app and not the PC). I watched a couple of tutorials on AudioSnap and they helped, but none talked about changing time signatures. Any pointers would be appreciated - Pat
  7. 1. I wanted to try to use a bass loop lifted from an audio track and line it up and manipulate it so that it will play in time with a midi drum loop. 2. I pasted the midi drum loop into Track 1 and set the project tempo to 85bpm. 3. Pasted the audio clip into Track 2. Managed to get audio transients to show in the audio clip and moved them around manually so the bass (audio) plays in sync with the drums (midi). 4. Duplicated the bass clip so that it plays for as long as I want it to under the drums. 5. Bounced the adjusted audio clip. 6. Adjusted the project tempo to 120 and both tracks adjust. The audio (bass) track adjusts but it doesn't play in time with the drums anymore. What I am I doing wrong?
  8. EDT

    One big wish

    It would be really great if the existing capabilities in Cakewalk could be streamlined to provide a really user-friendly and intuitive audio and midi loop creator and time and pitch stretching tool. There appears to be the basis of this in the loop construction window but it far from easy to manipulate audio. I actually can't even work out what showing slices does or how to use them (comparing with Ableton where markers are easily created, deleted, moved, and audio automatically adjusts to fit the correct tempo (and pitch if required)). Maybe I'm just missing something but I've been over it many times and it'still a mystery to me.
  9. Hi, I am trying to edit a short piece of audio but I can't get the Audiosnap palette to switch on, nor can I get the audio transients to show in the clip despite switching the edit box to audio transients. Initially I had opened a new project using the "basic" option (one audio, one midi track). The audio track on opening didn't even permit choosing audio transients so I created another audio track and dragged the clip to there. The option to view audio transients exists but they aren't showing. Is there something else I need to do to change this?
  10. I'm trying to free up space on my drives by saving my old projects as 'bundles' and whizzing them over to my archive, however some of them won't convert due to me having tracks with AudioSnap markers, and I therefore need to 'bounce' those tracks before doing so but my projects have loads of tracks, My question is this:- How do I easily find out which tracks have 'AudioSnap' markers and need to be 'bounced' ? Cheers Al.
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