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Found 4 results

  1. Problem: audio recorded through microphone is out of sync with the metronome click track This seems like a really basic problem, but all the fixes I can find online aren't really an option for me. I'm using a Dell laptop running Windows 10. Headphones just plugged into the laptop's built-in soundcard. Microphone is maybe two tiny steps above using the built-in microphone. The first big suggestion I've seen online to switch from WASAPI to ASIO, but that doesn't seem to be an option with this computer. I get the "This driver is known to be incompatible with Cakewalk." message if I try. The second suggestion I keep saying is to go out and buy a "dedicated audio interface", but I'm not at a point where I want to buy more equipment just to record some music. Presumably there's just some way I can tell Cakewalk to automatically nudge the audio by x number of milliseconds. The delay seems consistent, so I can probably just measure that and get close enough, but I can't for the life of me find any option for how to do that. Anyone have any tips for how to help me out here?
  2. [Some users have helped me with this issue in a different Topic, but I thought it deserved its own thread here.] While using WASAPI, there's no audio playback although the Track meters are moving. Previously, I've used MME and ASIO4ALL flawlessly. I've tried the following: Experimented in Sonar, CbB, and Studio One v4 (but no WASAPI option there) Switched between WASAPI "Exclusive" and "Shared" Confirmed the sample rate is 24-bit 48K in both Sound Settings and in Sonar/Cakewalk Checked/unchecked "Suspend Audio Engine..." in [Audio --> Playback and Recording] Disabled/re-enabled the Audio Engine button and exited/restarted the program Confirmed each Instrument Track is output to Master Bus, and the Master Bus is output to RealTek As you can see, I've tried everything short of reformatting my hard drive and starting all over. What else is there? I've learned that WASAPI is the suggested Driver Mode for my onboard audio configuration. I'm still in the amateur stages of my music projects, so I don't want to rush into buying an audio interface (yet) just to use ASIO4ALL. ** Screenshots of my Windows Sound and CbB Preferences are attached. Any help towards a resolution would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  3. spacekid.90

    Audio Settings

    Hi there, I have been having problems with Audio Settings. I have ASIO4ALL with settings as in the screenshot. It seems to work fine with included Cakewalk plugins but as I switch to external plugins like Komplete Kontrol (Native Instruments), Syntronic (IK Multimedia) and namely piano instruments it just gives "distorted" beep and stops making sounds. I tried playing around with buffer size, increasing and decreasing samples but it did not help. Sometimes in Driver Settings it shows ASIO4ALL Not Connected. I also switched to WASAPI(shared) it says Missing Audio Outputs. Please note, I do not have an Audio Interface device. I work only with PC and its keyboard. I appreciate your time! Thanks, spacekid.90
  4. I recently upgraded some of my home PC's to Windows 10 build 1903 and was curious what audio performance would be like in a worst case under optimized scenario. I was pleasantly surprised!This is a very rough demonstration showing low latency audio using Cakewalk with Windows 10 build 1903 and nothing more than an on-board audio chipset and a really old PC (built in 2008). Audio is low-fi in the video since the sound is going through some ancient desktop speakers and recorded through my phone. This is intentional The machine is a very old Core I7 PC built in 2007 that I recently upgraded to windows 10 build 1903. I was curious about audio performance so I did a quick test in Cakewalk to check audio and was pleasantly surprised when I was able to use WASAPI at the lowest latency setting (144 samples) with no audio glitches whatsoever, using just the onboard RealTek audio chipset. The test showed live playback with a virtual instrument, but it also worked well with standard audio track playback. For this test I used WASAPI exclusive mode with the onboard Realtek audio device, since Windows 10 shared mode low latency only works with the Microsoft inbox HDAudio driver presently. I haven't come across any other on-board devices which support Windows 10 low latency with shared mode. This test shows that WASAPI is finally able to live up to it's promise of low latency audio in Windows with even basic vanilla on-board audio devices! I don't recall this old PC every being able to do low latency playback on prior versions of Windows, so I attribute this to some combo of improvements to Cakewalks optimized low latency WASAPI support, or Windows 10 build 1903 itself. Either way this is impressive on multiple levels. Its great that Windows can do completely acceptable low latency audio support out of the box today. And the fact that Window's 10 works better on an an ancient PC like this is an accomplishment. Microsoft has been getting a lot of flak these days, but after the fiasco with Apple's Catalina breaking music apps, Microsoft deserves some kudos for their support of legacy systems. Its not surprising that some things go wrong with such a massive base of hardware but the fact that a 11 year old PC can perform decently with low latency on a current OS is quite an achievement. Now if Microsoft Surface team can get their act together and release 1903 on their own first party hardware that would be even better lol. I think @Pete Brown might be happy to learn this 🙂 PS: I'm curious to hear what other users performance is like with 1903 and just using on-board audio devices with WASAPI in CbB.
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