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Found 14 results

  1. All for Arturia Augmenteds ( Brass, Grand Piano, Strings and Voices) had updates yesterday 10/16/23
  2. Korg Software Pass updates to 1.2.6 from 1.2.4. And then MS-20, Polysix, Monopoly, and MDE-X have updates.
  3. Run Arturia Portal: Analog Lab to MIDI Control Center to
  4. Run the portal: DualDelay X to 1.1.5 Plate to 1.0.8 Relayer to 1.5.7 Sparkverb to 1.1.11
  5. CA2600, Surrealistic MG-1 Plus, and DCO-106 have now been updated for both macOS (including Ventura) and Windows, completing this round of major updates for all synthesizer instruments. Updates include: Preset-specific MIDI mapping and automation "Favorite" current preset with one click, directly from the toolbar Bug fixes and performance enhancements as required Instrument Downloads
  6. Updates: Korg Collection 4 to 1.0.1 microKORG; KAOSS Pad & Electribe-R
  7. Run Korg Software Pass to see the 12 updates: Prohecy 1.6.0 miniKorg 1.1.0 Triton Extreme 1.1.0 Triton 1.4.0 M1 2.4.0 WaveStation 2.4.0 Arp Odyssey 1.5.0 MS-20 2.4.0 Polysix 2.4.0 MonoPoly 2.4.0 MDE-X 2.4.0 LegacyCell 1.8.0
  8. Updates Spectronics OmniSphere to 2.8.4d Keyscape to 1.3.3d Trillian to 1.6.3d
  9. I updated Kontakt 5 to the lastest 5.8.1 thru Native Access. The standalone EXE file updated fine. The plugin DLL files did not update at all except for the AAX files in the Avid folder. How do I get NI to update the DLL's?
  10. Run Korg Software Pass for Updates: M1 v2.3.1 MDE-X v2.3.0 Monopoly v2.3.0 MS-20 v2.3.0 Polysix v2.3.0 Triton v1.3.7 Wavestation v2.3.0
  11. Ran UVI Portal today 1/24/22: Falcon Factory FALCON EXPANSION from 2.5.1 to 2.5.2 Orchestral Suite 1.5.17 to 1.5.18 Rotary from 1.02 to 1.0.3 Plate to 1.0.5 to 1.0.6
  12. Arturia messaged me 28 synth updates. Run Portal.
  13. Run the Arturia Portal. 30 updates for me in V Collection 8, V Collection 7 and others.
  14. 10/11/21 Run Portal. Native Instruments lists updates to: Komplete Kontrol Machine 2
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