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  1. I really like Cakewalk considering it is free to use, and quite extendable also with free plugins. However, I have 2 significant and really bothersome problems which I have been unable to overcome during my first month with Cakewalk; I believe they are both perhaps related to the MIDI sync, but could be wrong. The problems are listed below (system specs can be found at the end of this post): 1) previously recorded MIDI starts going off-tune when looping and recording audio to a new track. Detailed description: When I start a fresh new empty project from the startup screen, record few midi tracks with MPK49 (using the Cakewalk Latch from the MIDI bar, since the Latch in MPK49 works only randomly, see the next "problem" for more info) and then add an audio track, the MIDI starts soon go off-tune even I have the MIDI tracks unarmed for recording, using only the audio track. I can loop the project once, twice or three time at maximum before the tune from the MIDI instrument track goes noticeable wrong. It seems to get worse by every loop. I got only 4 tracks on the project when this happens: 2 MIDI tracks using Sitala plug-in (drum machine), another MIDI using the SynthMaster -plugin and the audio track where I used electric guitar with the build-in audio FX plugin. 2) The arpeggiator on the MPK49 works only when starting new empty project and stops working when restoring the project. I have connected the AKAI MPK49 to the computer (desktop, windows10) that has latest Cakewalk by Bandlab installed. When I start a new project and insert Sitala drum machine (a free plugin) as a MIDI track and set it up (to have external clock and tempo from the Cakewalk) from the Preferences (Clock & MIDI settings) everything works fine. Even the MPK49 arpeggiator works when I set the time division properly from the controller. It repeats the notes along with the tempo. But when I close the project, and return to it later, the MPK49's arpeggiator stops functioning, even if it plays notes otherwise. I have tried resetting the MIDI and audio, but it only results that the MPK49 stops working completely. So something happens on the shut down of Cakewalk project. I see that when this happens, Cakewalk shows no signal from the MPK49 when it's arpeggiator is turned on. This is exactly what happens also with new projects before setting the MIDI clock from the preferences. But once (each time upon a fresh empty project before closing the Cakewalk) set, the arpeggiator works. But when the project loads again, the arpeggiator is gone, while the settings are exactly the same. Thanks for any advice in advance considering above problems. Otherwise everything played well so far but this really drives me mad! System specs: Desktop PC Win10, 8 Gb RAM, Processor around 2,5 Ghz Lexicon Alpha External Sound Card, connected with external stereo system and also available connections to: 1 instrument line (which I use either Casio CT-770, semi-acoustic or electric guitar) 1 Microphone line AKAI MPK49 connected to the PC via USB.
  2. I came across Vital Synth today and just beginning to explore for creating Custom Patches/Instruments. https://vital.audio/ Found that it is supporting Custom Tuning Via Scala Files. I am currently playing with it in Standalone Mode and Will also use it as a VST with Band labs. Putting this out here, just in case there are other Users who are far ahead of me in terms of Usage and Knowledge. Thanks Sri.
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