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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to all of this, so sorry if I wind up asking a poorly written question-- I'll do my best to help you help me. Earlier today I was strumming my guitar in the standalone TH2 plugin, when I noticed a not so subtle crackle as the notes rang out. When toggling the direct monitor mode on my Scarlett Solo, I found that the crackle completely vanished. After loading a fresh Bandlab project with no plugins I enabled input echo and found that the crackle remained. I plugged my guitar into a physical amp and heard no crackle. The headphones themselves have no crackle when playing audio. Altogether this phantom sizzle has left me stumped, and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot from here. Any advice is more than welcome, and I can provide additional details if necessary. I've noticed that the crackle is inconsistent too. Sometimes it's loud, while sometimes it's quiet. Sometimes it comes as a single crack, while other times it fizzles. --- CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G RAM: 16 GB OS: Windows 11 Interface: 3rd gen Scarlett Solo
  2. Finally bought a midi controller to use Cakewalk for the first time. I get absolutely no input sound, and not finding anything applicable to my issue on line. Do not have options others do for output under MIDI. Speakers connected to PC. Very frustrating.
  3. I am experiencing a great deal of "snap crackle & pops" using specific plugins purchased from Spectrasonics. I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how I can alleviate this issue in Cakewalk by BandLab? I am using Windows 10 64 Bit operating system, Creative SoundBlaster XFi-Titanium HD sound card (ASIO), and of course Cakewalk. I have ruled out any type of virus issue on my computer because all of the other plugins work perfectly, and I have had technical assistance recently scan for any virus, and none were found. The only plugins I seem to have issues with is the Spectrasonics plugins. I have Garritan Jazz & Big Band as well as Personal Orchestra loaded, Dimension Pro, Rapture as well as other Cakewalk Sonar products and not having any issues with any of them. I spoke to the staff at Creative and they asked if I was having any other issues such as website audio, and Windows Media player and I am not. I realize that this issue should be directed towards Spectrasonics, but I am trying to cover all of the bases before getting them on the phone again. I may be overlooking a setting in Cakewalk that will help resolve this issue. Could use some help! Thank you
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