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Found 5 results

  1. i just got 3 Crucial mx500 SATA3 1 TB drives to replace the 3 HDDs that i've been using since 2014, and i have a couple questions regarding the Pagefile. my system has 16 gigs of RAM, and an AMD FX-6300 (6 cores, 3.5 Ghz) & Windows 10 Home. in a perfect world, i would get a more powerful PC with more RAM capabilities, but 16 gigs is where my motherboard maxes out at & i can't afford a new PC at this juncture in this market. how big should my page file be? and should i keep the page file on one of the existing HDDs (where the only thing on the drive would be the page file)? thanks!
  2. I am developing a template but have been unable to find info on disabling a VST from loading into ram. I use BBC SO, GPO 5, easrwest string orch much more than my other orch Vst's. Generally use a number of articulations and various Vst instruments, but not in every project Is there a way to have a folder w/ eastwest present, but w/o it being loaded into ram? Willard
  3. I want to build a computer for Cakewalk. Windows 10 Home, 64-bit. I thought of two variants. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Variant 1. To use overclocked RAM. For example Crucial Ballistix AES 3000-3200 MHz, Crucial Ballistix U4 3000 MHz. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Variant 2. To use not overclocked RAM. For example Crucial CT 3200 MHz, Kingston KVR 3200 MHz. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is better for Cakewalk's performance, stability, data safety?
  4. Bryan Jay

    System Memory

    Hi All, I'm baffled at the system memory usage icon within Cakewalk. I have 16 GB of RAM and depending on the project I'm hovering around 13-15 GB of usage. When I open up my task manager and compare memory usage, the number is much lower, closer to 6-7 RAM usage. Anybody have issues with reported usage in Cakewalk and task Manager? Or maybe I'm missing something?
  5. I’ve got an i5 processor (4 cores) and am running on an SSD. (Specs in sig) i’ve maxxed out my RAM at 32 gigs. I’d like to make sure I’m taking the most advantage of RAM that I can. Are there settings I can tweak to get the most mileage out of RAM? Thanks and Happy New Year!
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