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Found 5 results

  1. So, the search function returned such generic results I decided to simply ask outright. I apologize if this has been covered before, but I've looked and not found. Apparently the oh-so-useful "CTRL + click" mechanism to adjust parameters of multiple selected tracks at once sometimes decides to stop working. I have not yet been able to figure out the culprit. In some projects it is just fine and functions as expected. However, in other projects (and/or seemingly projects in which it had previously worked), it will only change the last track touched, despite multiple tracks being selected and CTRL being depressed while mouse is clicked. I have noticed that one seems to have to perform this operation rather slowly for it to catch. The problem is that sometimes, for whatever reason, it simply is not possible. Has anyone else experienced this and/or is there a real fix? Thank you all!
  2. When I select several MIDI tracks and hold Ctrl while changing the Input of one of them, only 1 or 2 of the track inputs actually change. Initially it doesn't work but after changing each selected track individually it will work the next time I do it.
  3. Hello , In the current project that I am working on , for some reason quick groups are not working. I select multiple tracks and if I try to move fader with ctrl pressed , It works for milliseconds and then drops off suddenly. This only happens in this current project, if I open a new project , quick groups work as expected. I can't figure out why this is happening. Having to manually group tracks every time I need to move multiple faders is an option but its cumbersome. https://imgur.com/a/bsXPA15 Has anyone else had a similar issue ?
  4. Cakewalk by BandLab has several features to speed up your workflow. Today, we will discuss the ability to group faders. This will not only save you time, but will also save you CPU usage. Instead of having several automation lanes across several tracks, you can group one set of tracks and control them all at once from one lane so long as they remain grouped. https://youtu.be/O70YGUOWZLI
  5. Hello guys. I'm trying the latest release and here the QUICK GROUPS (CTRL+"Parameter click") are behaving kind of weird for me. Here are some of the problems I can see (have not been able yet to reproduce 100% of the time, but still... ) I've seen these "problems" while testing ADDICTIVE DRUMS2. I've inserted 2 instances in my project. One using the "old" multi-out instrument insert method and the other using the "newer" INSTRUMENT PER TRACK OUTPUT method. (So, both instances are MULTI-OUT PRE FADER from the instrument). I'm playing the VM using only its internal pattern play button. So far, I thought I could notice a different behaviour based on how I inserted the 2 instruments. Not so sure now. Here what is happening on my end CONSOLE VIEW - Input gain knobs Parameters not always updating accordingly After some other tweaks with other parameters (not grouped), Input gain knobs values seems to changes randomly. Also, I'm even starting to wonder if there is not some kind of bug with the input gain know itself. Sometimes, my tracks / Buses in Cakewalk are clipping. So, I'm tweaking to correct using the GAIN knobs... Sometimes I am cutting as much as -18 DB and the readings on the meters are just slightly impacted. (Both for tracks and buses)... I'm going crazy or what? Project on my OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AomdelJR9b9HjGbELCZm5J5v9plJ?e=rV8JN8
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